Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY

by Adam Rosenblum on February 23, 2012

You are speeding down the Taconic Parkway and get a ticket for driving 21 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.If you are convicted of the alleged speeding violation, you face a minimum fine of $180 and a maximum fine of $300 (not to mention a surcharge of at least $80 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $100 per year for three years payable to NY DMV).Upon conviction, the NY Department of Motor Vehicles automatically tacks 6 points onto your license. (Read more about costly speeding tickets.)

Fines and Points

The total fine for disobeying a traffic control device violation in New York is $235.00 and 2 points on your driving record.If you are looking for information on how to pay your fines online, click here.VTL 1110(a) and its consequences are much more preferable to a NY speeding ticket and its hefty fine and point total.In addition, if this is the only offense you have on your record, your insurance rates cannot be increased, which would be the case with a single speeding ticket.Moreover, due to receiving less points, it is unlikely that you will have your driver’s license suspended (due to having too many points on your license) or to be driving on an already suspended license.Note that if you live in a state other than New York, a skilled attorney may be able to negotiate your offense down to a violation that carries 0 points in your home state.

What Does it Mean to Disobey a Traffic Control Device?

Instead of pleading guilty and paying the fine, you decided to call New York Traffic lawyer Adam Rosenblum. Thankfully, Mr. Rosenblum skillfully convinced the district attorney to lower the charge to NY VTL 1110(a), Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY.You were ecstatic with the outcome, but you were left wondering what it means to disobey a traffic control device inNew York.New York Traffic Law defines a “traffic control device” as a sign, marking, or device placed by the authority (i.e. the government) to regulate, warn, and guide traffic (see New York VTL 153).New York VTL 1110(a) reads:“Every person shall obey the instructions of any official traffic-control device applicable to him placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless otherwise directed by a traffic or police officer, subject to the exceptions granted the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle in this title.”This law is somewhat of a “catch-all” because any time a driver fails to follow street signs such as a yield, traffic signal, or speed sign, he disobeys a traffic control device.However, these violations have their own respective laws. Nevertheless, every time you do not obey a sign, signal, or marking on a pavement you can be found to be in violation of VTL 1110.

Who Should I Contact?

What happens if you get into another jam or need some general advice?Contact Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm. His team of aggressive NY traffic ticket attorneys will negotiate with the prosecutor and try to reduce your New York speeding ticket to one for disobeying a traffic control device.Remember, you probably are facing a large NY speeding penalty, so make sure to contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today. Our team of attorney has experience achieving favorable resolutions for our clients, even if it is not your first time receiving a ticket. E-mail or call 888-883-5529 today. 

Do You Have Any More Information About NY Traffic Tickets?

If you received any other type of NY traffic ticket, feel free to check out our FAQ that tells you Everything You Need to Know About New York Traffic Tickets as well as the Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Going to Traffic Court.  

46 thoughts on “Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY

  1. What if i was going the speed limit in a 35 and i was written a ” didnt obey a traffic contol device” ticket and the oficer estimate my speed at 50. Can anything be done?

    Tim on
    • I just received a ticket concerning NYTL 1110A–“disobey traffic signal”. My question: does the officer have to state what signal or sign? He simply wrote “Disobey Sign”. Can I take this to court and get it thrown out?

      Nick on
  2. Disobeyed traffic sign ticket . there was graffiti on sign when I went back to take photo it was cleaned off. How many points for this on liscence?

    gab sol on
  3. Hi I received a violation of traffic control device ticket.. It’s there anyway to beget the points taken off and just pay a fine

    Erica Strother on
    • Erica – in order to provide you with an answer to your question, I need additional information – specifically the name of the court, and whether this was a ‘roadside reduction.’

      Adam Rosenblum on
    • Hello Anthony, unfortunately having the wrong color detail on a ticket will not have the ticket dismissed. If you would like more information please provide further details about your ticket or contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  4. What happens if you turned a litre further than what was needed but still got disobeying traffic control device wasn’t speeding or anything

    Tina on
    • Hi Tina, unfortunately the information you have provided is not sufficient to have this ticket dismissed. Its a 2 point ticket with a maximum fine of $235. These points do not transfer to your license.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  5. My ticket I made a right turn on 2nd ave & 37th in Midtown
    Honestly I didn’t expect a time restriction on a right turn so I didnt look for one, they are mostly on left turns. But this restrictions is from 7am-10am no right turns & I got caught around 7:02am to 7:05am the ticket was written for 7:08am is there anything I can do?
    Till this point in 8 years I never got any kind of ticket or points on my license.

    Joel on
  6. I received one of these disobeyed traffic control device tickets.
    Officer claimed I was speeding, however I wasn’t and then he gave me this ticket and I’m wondering if it’s legal because his original claim was that I was speeding but he didn’t clock my speed so he had no way to probe that I was. I was going the limit. How can he give me a ticket like this when I wasn’t in any violation of ANY signs speed or other. And after he pulled me for “speeding” he then tacked on a ticket for my address being wrong on my license (which he wouldn’t have found out had he not pulled me over for no reason) and he also claimed to had witnessed me put my seat belt on when he pulled me over which is false I had it on the whole time all he saw me do was reach into my pocket to grab my wallet.

    Logan on
  7. Hi Adam, I’m in a similar predicament, officer simply wrote disobey sign on ticket, Violation 1110A then handed me ticket without explaining which sign was disobeyed. Don’t I have a right to mount a defense and challenge the officer? If so how is anyone supposed to so if they don’t even know what traffic device was violated? This seems like a huge loop hole to me.

    Ralph R. on
    • Hello Ralph, this is not actually a loop or a reason for the ticket to be dismissed. You are currently looking at a 2 point ticket with a maximum fine of $235. The points will not cause your insurance to increase.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  8. Hi Adam,
    I got pulled over going about 55 in a 30, long story short, I really just didn’t see the sign as I was coming up to the bend and an officer was waiting on the other side. Anyway, he found me to be very polite and brought my ticket down to a 1110A Disobeying traffic control device ticket. My question is should I just pay the fine and take the 2 points? Is there any way to get it so I will get no points? I recently took a NYS Drivers safety course and I have a perfect record besides this incident.

    Richard on
  9. Hi Adam, I received a ticket in violation of 1110A, disobeying traffic control device. What generally happens to one’s insurance rates after this violation? Thanks.

    Alexander on
  10. Tengo un tiket por disobeyed traffic control device en canajoharie town. Tengo hasta el 04/21/2016. Que debo haser y cuanto me puede costar la defensa por un abogado. Vivo en miami florida.

    Antonio Gomez on
  11. Hi Adam I got a ticket for disobeying a traffic sign instead of a speeding ticket going 50 in a 35… my ticket says the officer didn’t provide a supporting deposition when the ticket was issued. Should I request for a supporting deposition and see if the cop does nothing and the charge get thrown out?

    Jake on
    • Hello Jake, you are looking at a 2 point ticket with a maximum fine of $235. This will not affect your license if you do not have any other points and it will not affect your insurance. You could ask for a supporting deposition.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  12. Hi my names ginger my son is 17 he just got pulled over and was giving a ticket for Disobeying a traffic device He was actually speedingAt the end of the ticket It says disobeying traffic device but then there’s a number that says 8335 at the end of the disobeying traffic device do you know what that means and will he get his lisence pulled should he plead guilty or not guity and will he have to go to court the police officer told him what to do but he was so scarded and upset cause its his first time every he don’t remeber what the told him

    Ginger Phillips on
    • Hi Ginger, your son is looking at a 2 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $235. These points would not cause his insurance rates to increase and will not have his license suspended.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  13. Hi. I received a TVB ticket for making a left turn on the center line instead from the left lane. He marked $50
    On the fine. What is the mandatory surcharge? It saids $58 for equipment and $88 for all other violation. Do I have to pay that also?

    Gus on
  14. Hi
    I received a ticket for disobeyed traffic control device. I originally was speeding 52 in a 35. I was honest with the officer and told him I thought it was still 45 so he reduced my ticket. Should I plea guilty on the ticket? I have no current violations.

    Crystal on
    • Hi Crystal, the information is not sufficient enough to provide with the correct assistance. If the officer has reduced your ticket to 45 on a 35 that is 10mph over the limit. This is a 3 point ticket with a maximum fine of $243. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you have any more questions or concerns please contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  15. Hi Adam — I received a “Disobey Stop Sign” violation (VTL 1172a) in NYC.

    My record is completely clean.

    How should I proceed?


    J on
    • J – you are facing a 3 point ticket that carries fines along with an impact on your insurance rates. Therefore, I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  16. Hi this is Syed I received a ticket for disobeyed traffic control device I change the line in Lincoln tunnel so there is a point and how much is the fine

    Syed on
  17. Hi. I made a right turn on 34th7th in Manhattan, and there was sign that said no right turns (Except Buses). This was in violation of 1110A, which includes 2 points in addition to the fine. Is it possible to pay a higher penalty without the points?

    MYNY on
  18. Hi,

    I received a ticket for disobeyed traffic control device. I make a right turn at the Conner where is prohibited between 7:00am and 9:00am. I just followed GPS and received the ticket with more than 10 drivers.
    How much is the ticket and how many points for this violation?
    my location is New York Nassau county. Thank you.

    David Song on
  19. Hi,

    I got a 1110A, disobey traffic control device ticket at Mount Morris, on my drive to NYC. Because I’m a Canadian driver from Ontario. Will the points be taken into account for my Canadian driver license? Moreover, It will be a long drive for me to go to the court to contest the ticket by myself. Can I ask a lawyer to contest it without myself showing up?

    Thank you

    Alex on
    • Alex,

      NY and Canada have a reciprocal agreement where points from New York are often added to your Canadian record as demerits. We are generally able to negotiate to either reduce or eliminate the points from this ticket. Additionally, once you retain an attorney in NY you would not have to appear in court. Please feel free to call so we can discuss your options in more detail.

      Lindsay Bernstein, Esq.
      Rosenblum Law Firm

      Adam Rosenblum on
  20. Hello I received a ticket for “disobeyed traffic control device” i was going 71 in a 55. Im wondering if i should plead not guilty and try and get it reduced to something much smaller, im reading into it and i dont know what to do please help. There was a guy riding his bike and i had to go into the other lane so i didnt hit him i used my blinker and everything. Can i plead not guilty and say i had to go to the other lane to avoid hitting a person because the lines in the middle of the road is a trafic controlled device and i can make that my case because that actually did happen. Im 17 years old and i really dont want to have 2 points on my license already

    AJ on
    • We would recommend that you fight any traffic violation that carries points. Do you have a probationary license? These points not only include fines but can very opften cause an increase in your insurance premiums. Please feel free to call so we can discuss your options in more detail.

      Lindsay Bernstein, Esq.
      Rosenblum Law Firm

      Adam Rosenblum on

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