Speeding Tickets in New York State

by Adam Rosenblum

If you received a speeding ticket, you probably want to know:

  • How much the speeding ticket will cost
  • How many points you will get on your New York license if convicted

If you are convicted of speeding in New York, the amount you end up paying and the number of points that will be assessed depends on how fast you were going and where you were caught speeding.

For your reference, we have provided a schedule of fines and points for speeding offenses below. Higher fines and penalties than those listed below will apply if you have more than one speeding ticket in the past 18 months.

Also, New York automatically imposes an $85 or $93 surcharge (depending on whether you are in a city or town/village) in addition to the fine you will pay on the speeding ticket. No matter what your case is, it is always advisable to consult with a speeding ticket lawyer and discuss your case before you decide to plead guilty.

Have a question about your speeding ticket? Give us a call at 888-883-5529 to speak to an attorney or post a comment at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How Your Ticket Will Affect Your Insurance

Insurance companies can increase your premiums based on the points you have on your driving record. Rates can rise dramatically with just one speeding ticket. If an insurance company examines your record to find that you are in a high risk category, they can cancel your insurance altogether.

Complete List of New York Speeding Fines

Below is a chart explaining the maximum fine and court surcharge for all New York State speeding ticket violations. The violations are listed by their New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) section. (This can be found in the section sub-section part of your traffic ticket). These fines are increased if you are charged with speeding in a work zone, speeding in a school zone or if you have a CDL license. It is also important to note that if you accumulate 6 points or more on your license in NY State you will be required to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (i.e. $100 a year for 3 years and $25 per year for 3 years for every point over 6.)


CLICK HERE - New York Speeding Ticket Costs & Fines Associated
New York VTL Section Max Fine Court Surcharge
1180 (a) Speed not reasonable and prudent (3 points) $150 $85-$93
1180 (b) Speed Over State Limit
             <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
             > 31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 ( c) Speeding in school zone (between 6:00pm and 7:00am and non school days) $85-$93
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
             >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (c ) Speeding in school zone on School Days  
            <10 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $1,200 $85-$93
1180- (d)-1 Speeding in zone
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (d)- Speeding on a Restricted highway
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (c ) Failure to Reduce Speed for vehicles with special hazards $150 $85-$93
1180 (f)  Speeding in a Construction Zone
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (g) Vehicles greater than 18,000 lbs speeding detected using radar
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1181(a) Driving too slow impeding traffic $150 $85-$93
1181(b) Driving below minimum posted speed limit $150 $85-$93
1182(1)  Unauthorized speed contest (racing) $525 $85-$93


List of Points for Speeding in New York

1-10 mph over the speed limit 3 points
11-20 mph over the speed limit 4 points
21-30 mph over the speed limit 6 points
40 mph + over the speed limit 11 points *

*11 points means that your license is suspended


The Requirement to Show Up to Court

A standard-style New York State speed sign ind...For all speeding tickets issued in New York State, the court schedules a pre-trial conference date. This is often a problem for people who cannot take off from work or live out-of-state or in Canada and do not wish to return to NY for their pre-trial conference. Individuals who choose not to show up to traffic court can get their license suspended due to failure to appear in traffic court. To avoid getting your license suspended, hire The Rosenblum Law Firm whose speeding ticket attorneys can represent you in traffic court and negotiate a reduction of the fines and points.

New York Driver Responsibility Assessment

With every moving violation (even repeated minor infractions) that you are convicted of, you can expect more points to be added to your license. If you get 6 or more points within an 18 month period, the DMV will fine you a surcharge known as the “Driver Responsibility Assessment.” For drivers with 6 points, the fine is $100 and it must be paid once a year to the DMV for 3 years. An additional $25 per year for three years will be added to the Driver Responsibility Assessment for every point over 6.

Taking A Driver’s Safety Class to Reduce the Points on Your New York License

Contrary to popular belief, taking a driver’s safety class in New York does not actually remove points from your driving record. This means your auto insurance company will still be able to see the points and increase your insurance rates accordingly.

What the driver’s safety class does is give you a credit of up to 4 points for tickets you have already received at the time you take the class, thereby expanding the total number of points you’re allowed to accumulate before your license gets suspended.

New York State allows for you to accumulate up to 11 points on your license before it will be suspended.  Consequently, if you receive a 6 point ticket and you take a driver’s safety class which gives you a 4 point credit, your point accumulation total will be reduced down to 2 points and you will need to accumulate 9 more points before your license will be suspended. However, you can only get credit for a driver safety class once every 18 months.

Hiring an Attorney to Fight Your Speeding Ticket

The Rosenblum Law Firm can represent you in any New York State court and fight your speeding violation, which will save you points and money on car insurance. In most cases, a speeding ticket lawyer from our firm can go to court for you so you can sit back and relax as we do all the work. For more information and a free consultation call us at 888-883-5529 or contact us.

What Results We Can Get For You

For the vast majority of traffic violations in New York State, we can reduce your speeding ticket to a non-moving violation such as a parking ticket or failure to obey a traffic control device.

Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)

The TVB is a special administrative court that has its own rules and procedures. Individuals who are charged with traffic tickets in New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo are required to report to the TVB for a trial if they plead not guilty. In the TVB there is no “plea bargain” process, so a traffic ticket attorney cannot go into court and negotiate a reduction of the charges with the prosecutor. Therefore, there are three main things we can do:

  • We can represent you in court, so you do not have to show up
  • We can push off the trial date, hope the police officer does not show up for 3 court appearances, and then make a motion for dismissal
  • We can make a motion to reduce the speed by 5 MPH on the grounds that the radar used to catch speeders is not completely accurate


How To Read Your Speeding Ticket


1) Section 1- The Defendant’s Information (top of ticket) 

These boxes display numerous identifying data about the defendant including name, address and information about the car being driven at the time of the stop.  Note: If the officer made a minor mistake in the section (e.g. the officer wrote down the wrong color of your car) you case will NOT be dismissed.

2)  Section 2 – The Charges –

The “Section Sub Section” box indicates which section of the law the defendant is being accused of violating. Below is a list of common New York traffic violations as well as the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law sections they fall under, the amount of points (if any) and the maximum fines and NYS surcharges attached to them. It also lists the location and officer’s information.

3) Section 3 – The Court –

This particular Section shows the name of the court and its address, along with a date and time for a response, either by postal mail or in person.

4) Section 4 – Plead Guilty

If you choose to plead “Guilty” to the charges, fill out this Section and mail it to the address of the court mentioned in Section 3. Important note: Many people think that if they plea guilty “with an explanation” there is a possibility that the court will consider their explanation and decide to find them not guilty. This is a big misunderstanding. Once you fill out this portion of the ticket and mail it in, the court will have no choice but to convict you of the offense. The only thing an explanation can do is potentially convince the judge to set a lower fine, but you will still be convicted of the charges and DMV will assess the appropriate penalties (including points, if applicable). You should also bear in mind that pleading guilty to certain offenses like “no insurance” can lead to mandatory driver’s license suspension or revocation

The only way to challenge the charges or get the charges reduced is to plead “not guilty” (see next Section). It is also a common belief that a person should plead “Guilty” if he or she knows that he was, in fact, guilty. It is important to keep two things in mind:

Under our legal system, it is the prosecution that has the burden of proof. It is every defendant’s right to plead “Not Guilty” and make them do their job which is to prove that you were guilty (or offer you a plea agreement for a reduced charge).

Entering an initial plea of “Not Guilty” does not mean that there is no going back. To the contrary, all it does is preserve your rights to a plea bargain or trial.

You can always change your plea to “Guilty” later on, and in most cases where a plea bargain is offered, you will be pleading guilty at some point, but to a less severe offense than the one you are being charged with.

5) Section 5 – Plead Not Guilty (recommended)

If you choose to plead “Not Guilty” fill out section 5. The Not Guilty section features a spot for you to request a supporting deposition. A supporting deposition is a written sworn statement detailing the traffic violation and it is signed by the law enforcement officer who issued the ticket. Remember, it is your Constitutional right to to plead “Not Guilty.” You can always change your plea later on, and if an acceptable plea bargain is offered, you will ultimately be pleading guilty to that reduced charge.

Case Law Analysis

New York case law reveals several crucial points to bear in mind as a driver.

First and foremost, a NY speeding ticket issued by a police officer who does not use a mechanical device like radar, and, instead estimates it will still be sufficient to convict a driver for speeding. (See People v. Olsen, 22 NY 2d 230.)

The court in Olsen explained its rationale by saying:

  • “The rule is well settled in this State that opinion evidence with regard to the speed of moving vehicles is admissible provided that the witness who testifies first shows some experience in observing the rate of speed of moving objects or some other satisfactory reason or basis for his opinion.” (See People v. Olsen, 22 NY 2d 230.)

Similarly, in People v. Dusing, the court summed up in one cogent statement a governing rule that applies to all drivers ticketed for speeding in New York. The court concluded,

  • “The sum of the combined Magri, Heyser and Marsellus holdings is: first, that a reading from an untested speedometer or radar device is admissible but is not[,] without more[,] sufficient for a speeding conviction; and, second, that the resulting deficiency in proof can be supplied by the testimony of qualified observers.” (See People v. Dusing, 5 NY 2d 126.)

It is worth noting that the Dusing court said “observers,” not “officers.” This means a police officer does not have to be the one to testify against you. In most cases, if the prosecution finds any “qualified observer” (e.g. another driver on the road who saw you), that person combined with the radar evidence will be enough to convict you of speeding.

Second of all, the fact that a speeding ticket is not a crime appears to cut both ways. Since speeding is usually not a crime, it does not carry with it the severity of most criminal penalties. However, since it is not usually a crime, “not all the constitutional protections normally afforded to criminal defendants need be applied to those charged with such a minor offense.” (See People v. Phinney, 22 NY 2d 288.)

Lastly, a driver might be in for a rude awakening if he expects to be able to compel the TVB to turn over pertinent documents to him. Although the TVB has the right to do so, New York law does not require it to do so.

In Matter of Miller v. Schwartz, an attorney requested certain documents and information regarding the type of radar that was used to pull over his client. The TVB denied the request and explained that traditional discovery rules do not apply in the TVB. The lawyer took the case to court to compel the TVB to give him the documents. However, the court sided with the TVB and denied the attorney’s request.

The Schwartz court based its conclusion on the well-settled rule that there is no general constitutional right to discovery in criminal cases or administrative proceedings (See Weatherford v Bursey, 429 US 545 and National Labor Relations Bd. v Interboro Contrs., 432 F.2d 854, cert. denied 402 US 915).

Ultimately, this ruling reveals how difficult it can be—even for an attorney—to navigate through the complicated TVB system. If nothing else, this case shows drivers who get TVB tickets the importance of hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney familiar with the TVB’s rules and procedures.

More Information regarding New York speeding tickets:


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  1. I received a traffic violation for disobeying a green arrow however there is no green arrow at the intersection that I was caught turning hence it should have read red arrow and there is no red arrow either but there is a posted sign with the symbol of no left turn that is on the street that I made a turn. my question is could this be thrown out on technicality being that no green arrow exists

    Dirk Jackson on
  2. i got a speeding ticket on Bloomfield , NJ on 12/27/14 , about 10:00PM .going 40mph on a 25mph zone with no signs on the street.
    the fine is $105 or go to court.what do you recomend?thanks

    mihal qirici on
    • I received a ticket in NYC for driving at 47 mph in a 25 mile zone. I was not aware of the 25 mph law; I know the aforementioned is not a valid argument. I wasn’t driving in a reckless manner, there was no much traffic.
      I have a clean driving record. Is it worth pleading “not guilty” or should I just plead guilty?
      The description/narrative states: “Unposted NYC Speed.”
      I appreciate your advise.

      Martha on
      • Martha – you are facing a 6 point ticket which includes fines of $393, an assessment charge of $300, and a significant impact on insurance rates. It is therefore recommended that you fight this ticket.

        Adam Rosenblum on
    • Hi Adam,
      I received a speeding ticket in NYC for driving at 47 mph in a 25 mph zone. The ticket notes “unposted” NYC speed limit. Honestly, I didn’t realize I was going way above the speed limit nor did I realized that the speed limit in Manhattan changed since November 2014. I pleaded “not guilty” but now I don'[t know if I just should pay the ticket…what would be my defense?? Please advise.

      Martha on
      • Martha – You are looking at a 6 point ticket that has a fine of $203, and an assessment fee of $300. You may contact our office for a detailed discussion of how best to handle your ticket.

        Adam Rosenblum on
  3. I recieved a speeding ticket while driving on the Whitestone bridge in NY by a police officer patrolling the bridge. The posted sign is 30MPH as this is a workzone. I was driving with the flo of traffic and was given a ticket for driving 65MPH. I know I was driving above 30mph but certain it was not 65MPH as it was raining and I don’t drive that fast. I was driving about four cars lengh ahead of the police car and wanted to know how he was able to determine how fast I was driving as he was driving as well.

    Kapil on
  4. I just got a speeding ticket in NY. A 40 in a 30 the second part of the ticket say supporting deposition saying I said I believe I was doing about 42 or 43 what does this mean if I plead not guilty ?

    Kathleen on
  5. I received a speeding ticket in Bronx, NY. Officer “clocked” me at 80 on a 55 on I-95N (3rd lane). They were sending the information to my old address since September. I am a CT resident. What can we do ? What will my fines be?

    Josh on
    • John – you are facing a 6 point ticket, which will have a total fine due of $203.00. Additionally, you will have to pay $300.00 as a Driver Responsibility Assessment. While you are licensed in CT, the violation will transfer and will negatively impact your insurance rates. You should consider fighting these charges to help mitigate or avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  6. I recieved a speeding ticket 72 in a 55. The violation was written as speed not speeding and The officer misspelled the city in my address. also he wrote for the location the wrong location. It was dark out and I was surrounded by like vehicles so I was mistaken. Do I have a case againt his judgment for the info on the ticket being wrong, and can I question what radar was used and proof if the officer calibrated it?

    Jesus Olivieri on
  7. I got speeding ticket for first time and it is in Hammond court in NY, they said i was 45 in 30 speed zone. what will the point and fine in this case

    rashmi on
  8. Hi. I got pulled over on the NYS thruway in Eden about a month ago for going 80/65. I was in the fast lane passing a car in the right lane and he pulled me over. My dad also works for the state and always told me not to bother slowing down when I see a cop because they already have me clocked in, so I never slowed down any. What should I do?

    Jalisa Gonzalez on
  9. I got a speeding ticket in new york state about 3 years ago – I paid it and had to do the drivers responsibily assessment – I have an ontario license. If I only paid $100 for the responsibily program – am I still able to drive in NY state? I did not get a confirmation that payment was received or if I owed anything more???? I need to travel again in NY State but how do I confirm that I can legally drive in that state??

    Niki on
    • The driver responsibility assessment is at a minimum of $300 over 3 years. You should call the DMV to determine how best to bring your payments up to date and assure your license is in good standing.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  10. Hi – I received a speeding ticket: 68 in 50 zone. The ticket says Section: 1180D. Description says Speed In Zone. Not sure what speed in zone means as the fine schedule has Speeding, Speeding in School zone and Speeding in Work Zone.
    How much is this ticket? Points? Can this ticket be fought? What is the most probably outcome?


    Dennis on
    • Dennis – you are facing a 4 point ticket, with fines ranging from $203 – $393, depending on the court. This is not a school zone or work zone ticket, although the language of the offense does imply as such. This ticket can be fought, although predicting an outcome would require more information.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  11. I received a ticket for 50 in 30 in Manhattan last summer. The stated fine is $203. Could I end up paying more than that after being found guilty at my hearing (South Manhattan)? I was able to push back the hearing date until this summer – more than a full year after the offence. Thank you.

    Tom on
  12. I got a ticket for 1225D use of a portable electronice device while operating a motor vehicle. I know there are 6 points associated with this ticket but I have a PA license so I don’t think it will effect my insurance, however I drive in NY daily and if there is a way to plea this down I would probably be better off doing so. Any advice?

    Kelly on
    • Kelly – your ability to obtain a reduced charge for this 5 point ticket depends on which court is handling this matter. In order to provide you with more information, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  13. hi,
    i received a speeding ticket on I87 north clocked at 92 in 65 zone today in ausable (clinton county.) the officer said i could file a “reduce traffic infraction” application with clinton county DAs office. i have a clean NYS driving record – this was my first offense. what are my choices? fines/fees and/or penalties? thanks!

    doug on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which entails fines of $393, a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300 over 3 years, and a potentially significant impact on your insurance rates. Your clean driving record does help. I suggest you consider fighting this ticket to avoid these significant penalties.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  14. Received a ticket for 86 in a 65 zone in Peru New York. No prior tickets or moving violations. Do not live close enough to the area to appear in court.

    Adam on
  15. Hi, today I received a ticket for going 63 mph in a 45 mph zone on highway No. 781 (right before you approach the main gate of Fort Drum). I have a clean driving record as this is my first offense. I thought I was still in 55 mph zone at the time of the ticket. Should I fight this and plead not guilty or plead guilty and pay the fine?

    Darian on
    • This is a 4 point ticket which carries a maximum fine of $300, along with court fees of $93. Additionally, this will impact your insurance rates. You should therefore consider fighting this ticket to mitigate the damages.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  16. I was ticketed for going 44 in a 30 mph. This happened in Brooklyn 65th street which is one of the major corridors.

    On the ticket, the officer left the “Radar operator name” field blank. Would this be a valid defense?

    Given that I have a clean driving record, is bargaining at the court hearing possible for a lesser charge, such as disobeying a posted speed sign?


    Daniel on
  17. I got a speeding ticket for going 85 in a 55 but I wasn’t paying attention to the speed because I was keeping up with traffic. I already have some points on my license from a few years ago. I just can’t afford to have my license suspended. Is there anything I can do?

    ash on
      • I received a speeding ticket:82 in 55 zone in orange county, I live no where near orange county. I have a very clean license. when I was pulled over I rolled the window down, down enough so that papers can go through, he asked for it to be lowered than what I had. after that he stated that I was going 87 in 55 zone which I and the passenger stated that I was not got 87, there was no way I was going 87 on a curved / straight street. he said yes you where ma’am. before I even passed the officer I looked down and saw I was doing 60 in 55 zone. as soon I passed another car passed right by me. he stated that I was the only one on the strip which I wasn’t. when I received the ticket it stated that I was going 82 in 55 zone. Now I don’t know what to believe because he said that I was going 87 now on paper it says 82. I really need help to fight this ticket.

        Jida on
        • Jida – you are facing a 6 point ticket that carries fines ($393), a driver responsibility assessment fee ($300), and a substantial impact on your insurance rates. You may contact us to discuss your options.

          Adam Rosenblum on
          • hi, Adam. good evening. I received a speeding ticket in New york for 40 mph/25 mph. i could not respond to ticket in the first thirty days and then scheduled the hearing on March 21, 2016 and also paid $40 bond. How would be able to help me in this matter? this is the first speeding ticket in my last 5 years license record. you can contact me at 718-200-8455. thank you and have a wonderful weekend .

            muhammad chohan on
          • Hi Muhammad, you were clocked at 15mph over the limit. This is a 4 point ticket with a maximum fine of $393. Not responding to a ticket will cause fines to increase and could cause your license to be suspended. If you would like more information about having this solved you can contact us at 888-883-5529 or someone will reach out to you as soon we can.

            Adam Rosenblum on
  18. HEY,

  19. Hi …i have got pull over in high way i was driving 80 in 65 in newyork so and police officer gave me latter that I should mail it and when they received that they will send me ticket but still yet i have not send it and i even missed the court date ..So what will happened next ..

    Madhap on
  20. I received a speeding ticket on the LIE in Suffolk County, NY. The posted speed limit is 55mph. I was clocked at 83mph with a Tru-speed Laser. This is my first ticket in this jurisdiction. I have plead not guilty and have a court date scheduled for March 24 in Hauppauge, NY at the TVB. I am currently a NYPD candidate and have a prior speeding ticket in 2009. Any possibility of getting this reduced to avoid any points or possible employment?

    Rob on
    • Rob – the TVB court is a trial court – with no possibility of plea bargaining. In order to avoid points, you must prove your case at trial. Because of your future employment aspirations, I suggest you contact us for further detail.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  21. I got a speeding ticket for 61 in a 30 but at the time my spadomitor was broke so I wasn’t aware of how fast I was going. I got it fixed after and have the receipt. I went to court and they told me I have to come back for a conference what does that mean. Also I happend to get 2 speeding tickets in the same month at least 1 year ago but am not sure if it has been 18 months since

    brandon on
  22. In August of 2014 i received a speeding ticket on the Grand central parkway at 4:15am going 77 in a 50. The actual ticket is labeled at an 1180D but when i requested a copy online from the TVB it states that I’m in violation of 1180D(2). What can i expect? Is there anything i can do? Is it possible to fight this? (I have postponed this ticket once already till August 2015)

    Robert Leonard on
  23. I received a speeding ticket for doing 97 in a 65 in the county of chemung NY on hwy. no. 86 on 03/08/2015 at 3:35 pm I was unaware of how fast I was going should I plead guilty or no guilty, what charges am I facing should I fight it?

    Zachary on
    • You are facing an 8 point ticket, which carries fines of $600, court fees of $93, and a drive responsibility assessment of $450. This ticket will also impact your insurance rates. You should consider fighting this ticket to avoid or mitigate these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  24. Hi,
    I have received speeding ticket with supporting deposition. 92 in 65 zone. Can I do ” Plea of not guilty”. Please advise. I have Ontatio Lic.
    I told officer that I was bit over, however when I realize her I reduce speed. By means on posted speed.
    She wrote “I didn’t realize, then when I did i slowed down”.

    G Bhatt on
  25. I got a speeding ticket in hemosty in nassau Hempstead doing 103 on a 55 , what is the fine and points can I fight it reduce it ? First ticket help

    Robert on
  26. I got a speeding ticket on my way home 66 in a 40 with laser. It say TVB City of rochester… Should i plea not guilty or just pay the fine? what would the points and fine be?

    Dave on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which carries fines of $203, driver responsibility assessment of $300 over 3 years, and a significant insurance impact. You should fight your ticket to avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  27. I got a speeding ticket in Yorktown NY, the officer states I was going 99 in a 55 zone, how much would I have to pay and points

    Kim J on
    • Kim – you are facing significant consequences, including fines of approximately $600, a driver responsibility assessment fee of $670, substantial increases in your insurance rates, and license suspension. Because of the severity of these consequences, I strongly advise you to contact us for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  28. Hi! I got a ticket doing 77 on the palisades parkway, in the 50 mph zone. I’m in the market for an attorney, would you be able to send me an email at eyampel@gmail.com with information such as what you can hope to accomplish, an estimate for your legal fee, as well as help navigate me through this experience for the first time? Thanks

    Eli on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will have fines ranging from $203 – $393. Additionally, the driver responsibility assessment would also apply. This assessment would total $300 over the course of 3 years for 6 points.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  29. I was in Eden, NY yesterday at night, an unfamiliar area to me, and turned onto a rd that didn’t immediately have a speed sign. Half way down it did, 30 mph, but the man in front of me was going about 45 so I did as well. I saw the police officer and slowed, he pulled around behind me, by then I had slowed all the way to 30, and then he flashed his lights and pulled me over. Should I fight even though I know I was doing something wrong? If so, how?

    Madison on
  30. I just got pulled over for going 60 in a 35 zone in Cheektowaga, NY. Should I plead guilty or not guilty. It is my first ticket. The officer said it was a 6 point violation. What should I do?

    Scott on
  31. I was pulled over July 2014 in Brooklyn for doing 56 mph in a 35 mph zone. My hearing date is July 2015. I know that this is a 6 point ticket. I also know that NYC has no plea bargaining so my question is this–hiring your firm would help me in what way?

    mike on
    • Mike – we are able to bring this matter to trial for you, cross examine the officer, take testimony, and fight for a dismissal on your behalf. As experienced attorneys, we are confident in our ability to provide you with stellar legal representation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
    • Hi I have 2 questions, my first is I got a speeding ticket saying I went 70mph/50mph on the Bronx river pkwy on the third lane. I know for a fact I wasn’t going 70 because I was doing 45mph which is the actual speed limit on the Bronx river not 50mph. No way a radar can catch you doing an exact 70 . My second question is if an officer writes the wrong color of vehicle on the ticket and doesn’t complete your ticket with the right address can it be dismissed?

      Ivan on
      • An error such as you are describing will not invalidate a ticket. While we do not know what the officer clocked you at, keep in mind that 21 mph over is a 6 point ticket, and 20 mph is a 4 point ticket. You may contact us if you are interested in fighting this ticket.

        Adam Rosenblum on
  32. Just received a speeding ticket 78 on a 65 miles per Hour on Interstate 86 East Bound. I have a PA license, never gotten any tickets in NY. Have not received any speeding tickets in over 10 years. I am a 63 year Old disable Veteran and I must of got distracted for a short time, I do not speed. The court is in Stow, NY. I find the fee of 300.00 an insult and feel it was a trap speeding zone. What can you do for me and hgggow much will it cost I have very limited funds, thank you.

    Gary F. Lettman on
    • We can fight this ticket on your behalf, and assist you in eliminating / mitigating the fines, penalties, and insurance impact this ticket will have. You may contact us for a free consultation for further information specific to your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  33. Hello, today I was driving down Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst, NY and was stopped at a red light. The vehicle in front of me was too tall to see over so when he let off his brakes I also did assuming the light was green but it was not. I struck the rear of his vehicle and a policeman was summoned. I received a ticket for an 1180A “Speed not reasonable and prudent”. However my license was also expired for less than 60 Days so i got 2 tickets, the 1180A and an 5091 “unlicensed operator” ticket. What should I do and what kind of fees would I be looking at?

    Evan on
    • Evan – the fines for an 1180(a) are $150 maximum fine, and $93 court fee. The unlicensed operator ticket will cost $300, along with a $93 court fee. In addition to these penalties, you will likely face an insurance increase. I therefore suggest you fight these tickets and avoid the associated consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  34. Hi I just got a ticket for 67 in a 45 on highway 17. It was a work zone but he only gave me a ticket for 1180d. Idk if I should plead guilty or not guilty? Its my first ticket ever. Plus I was wondering if I would have to go to trail if I plead not guilty or if they would do a plea over the phone?

    scott on
    • Scott – you are facing a 6 point ticket, which carries fines of $393 and a DRA assessment of $300. If you plead not guilty – you will generally need to go to court to handle the trial. As an attorney, I am able to appear on your behalf.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  35. Got pulled over doing a 72 in a 45. Officer never issued a ticket not gave a citation. Just a warning. Drove off and left where I pulled over. 2 mths later I receive a summons stating I never took care of speeding ticket and that I was nearing a suspension of license. No speeding ticket yet one was on record. I plead not guilty and am awaiting another court appearance in July. And advice on how to handle situation?

    Rissa on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will result in fines of approximately $393, and a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300. It appears as if the officer gave you a ticket at the time of the incident, but never advised you of such. I suggest fighting the ticket to avoid the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  36. I just received a ticket this morning on State Route 55 in the Town of Poughkeepsie at 10:52 this morning going 60 in a 45 MPH Zone. We live in Long Island and was wondering what to do. The ticket was coded section 1180D. We were visiting the Franklin Roosevelt’s Home and Presidential Library (great day for the most part).

    Daniel on
    • This is a 4 point ticket which carries a total fine of $393, along with an impact on your insurance rates. It is therefore suggested you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  37. Hi, I got a ticket in Rockland NY for 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. I am a California licensed driver and this is my fist ticket. How will the points be reflected on my driver’s license and is there any way to have the points removed? Thanks

    Brandon on
    • The violation for this 4 point ticket will transfer. Thus, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. In order to have these points removed, you must plead not guilty and seek a reduction / dismissal at trial.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  38. I received a speeding ticket Monday night on my way into the Midtown tunnel (coming down the ramp. It says 74 mph, but the box next to it (In MPH Zone) is blank. I’m not sure what the speed limit is there. How do I proceed if I want to fight it?

    Jill on
    • If you want to fight this ticket, you need to plead not guilty. You will then get a court date for your trial. Please be advised – there is no plea bargaining in this court system. Many people hire legal representation to aid them in these matters.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  39. I received a speeding ticket on West Shore Expressway, 75 in 50. Honestly thought the speed limit was 55. I was in the left lane passing cars in right lane.

    Kerri on
  40. I got ticket Val section 1180b. 75 to 55 zone .1 interstate I 90E/B
    75 mph in a 55 mph zone.how many point cut and fine? It n.y state buffalo.

    Tin on
  41. I got pulled over doing 84 in a 65 in the town of elmira on hwy I86. I was keeping up with traffic amd got in the other lane due to another office pulled someone else over. I noticed flashing lights but then he turned them off. I got over In the slow lane and he turned them back on. The person in front of me and I pulled over. He didn’t even ask me if I knew how fast I was going nor if I knew the speed limit.

    melanie on
  42. Hello, Just got pulled over in Buffalo NY heading to Niagra Falls, 74mph in a 55mph zone. Haven’t had a speeding ticket or accident in about 8-10yrs. There wasn’t a fine associated with the ticket, but I can’t drive up from Boston to fight it. How much is the ticket and is the cost to fight it negate any benefit?

    Sabatino Sodano on
  43. I got a ticket for 13 over in school zone. I was only going 5 over so I think I should fight it. I’m 16 and it happened in Conklin ny.

    brody on
  44. good afternoon,
    i was on a roadtrip upstate to meet my friends at SUNY oneonta . and i got pulled over. on state route 17 doing 92 in a 55. i claimed i handt been going that fast and that i had not seen a speed limit. so i recieved a ticket. i then not even an hour later got pulled over again by a state tropper for doing 82 in a 65. i was on cruise control going down a hill and i had picked up speed and at the bottom of the hill. in the blindspot there was a state tropper. i pulled myself over immediatly the second i saw them move.
    i am a fulltime college student. i work 40 plus hours a week at centruy 21. and i intern at the HEARST corporation in the city. i am a conservative jew.
    i can afford the tickets. but i cannot afford the points.
    how many points will i recieve and how much will the fines be.
    i dont have any prior speeding tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please get back to me. have a wonderful day.
    benjamin steinberg

    benjamin steinberg on
    • You are looking at an 8 point ticket, and a 4 point ticket. The fines for the 8 point ticket will be $693 & driver responsibility assessment (DRA). The fines for the 4 point ticket will be $393 & DRA (if applicablese two tickets will result in your license suspension.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  45. I received a speeding ticket 85/55 on the sprain brook pkway in Valhalla, Ny (mount pleasant town court) in July 2012. I pled not guilty by mail. I finally have a pretrial conference in 6/2015(3 years later). My driving record in last 18 months is fine. My license is from CT. I am planning to say I was probably speeding, but not 30 miles over speed limit, maybe 10. What do you advise? Thank you for your time.

    Maria on
  46. I got pulled over for speeding and got a 1180D ticket in CORFU Village NY Zip 14036. Ticket reads as 59 on a 35 Zone. This is my first ticket ever on my license how will this impact my points and insurance.

    Anil on
    • You are facing the following penalties: a) 6 points, b) fines in the amount of $300, c) court fees of $93, d) a driver responsibility assessment of $300 over 3 years, e) an increase in your insurance rates by an average of 20-25% . I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate these harsh consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  47. I am an out-of-state driver who received a speeding ticket (1180d) back in August 2012 while driving on the Saw Mill Parkway. I was cited through observation only (no radar, laser, etc.) as going 80/50. I do not believe this to be correct and I entered a plea of not guilty. Various elements of the ticket are incorrect in regard to the car and my personal information. Most is minor, but my birthdate is radically wrong (i.e. wrong month, wrong day, and wrong year and these are each off by several digits). The location of where he pulled me over is also incorrect by about 3 exits. Further, even though I received a letter acknowledging my plea in November 2012, I received no word from the court until last month (April 2015) informing me of a pre-trial/conference date. Do I have grounds for negotiating a plea deal or even a dismissal (since it has taken well over 2 years to be granted an appearance date from the court)?

    Andrea on
  48. I received a speeding ticket in saratoga springs, NY for driving 45 in a 30 MPH zone. The officer said that if he were not doing the speed enforcement, he would have given me a warning. Could i use this as an arguement in the court? Also I had a ticket using cell phone 4 years ago, I am wondering if its point would still be in effect.


    Tracy on
    • This argument would unfortunately not work. The issue is whether you were speeding – which the officer has stated you were. The points from the cell phone violation will not impact your current license status.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  49. In Nov/2014 I got an speeding ticket in the FDR (30 miles up the limit is what the ticket says). Then in Feb/2015 I got stopped again for speeding in the Triboro bridge and the officer said that I was also 30mph up the limit. My driver license is from PA. I pleaded guilty on the second ticket online and I paid $203. I also received the other fine where the NYS DMV wants $300 more. I wanted to pay for the first ticket online as well, but now they want me to appear at a TVB office. I was planning to plead “guilty”, pay the fine and get the matter over with. Do you recommend I do so, or would it be worthy to plead “not guilty” and challenge the ticket. What do you recommend?

    Fher on
    • Fher – to confirm – you have 6 points on your license and are considering pleading guilty to another 6 point ticket? If this is correct, then please be advised that your license will be suspended in NY, which may impact your right to drive in PA. I strongly suggest you fight this ticket to protect your license, and mitigate the financial impact of this offense.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  50. I received a ticket in on the northway by state police doing 80 in a 55 zone. I plead not guilty last year in june of 2014 when ticketed never received a reply until may 4th of 2015 is there some kind of statue of limitations that they have to answer to?

    Bobbie on
  51. I got a ticket when driving in NY for 84 in a 65. (I am from Vermont). I, along with two other cars, were attempting to pass a logging truck that was scattering bits of debris on those objects behind him. It was a scary situation and I gunned it to get past him as bark was hitting my windshield. Again, I was third in a line of three cars which were doing the same. I’m,have a clean driving record otherwise. Is this worth fighting in court?

    Jen on
  52. I received a speeding ticket 78 in a 50. I showed up to court today and the officer wasn’t there. No explanation; just show up in october for next date. Is this normal? Is there anything that I can do to get this dismissed? Seems pretty unfair, that if I miss the date, my license gets suspended, but if the officer misses it, no problem?
    Thanks, in advance, for your help,

    Alex on
    • There was an argument to be made at the court hearing date for a dismissal. Although at the present time, your best option would be to assure you had the best defense prepared for trial.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  53. Received several tickets while on my Harley last weekend; an unmarked Sheriff’s car clocked me speeding and claimed I was trying to run from them. All I saw was a white SUV with its brights on several hundred yards away as it is difficult to see on vibrating mirrors. I continued home unaware and went through my village slow enough to wave at friends. A NYS trooper heard the Sheriff’s dept and pulled me over. My tickets include speeding, failure to obey traffic control device and driving out of class. However, all tickets claim I was driving a Honda. Can I question the validity and also can unmarked vehicles pull over motorists? I thought that was illegal in NY.

    Gary on
    • Gary – While you can question the validity of the stop, I do not believe the officer’s claim that you were driving a Honda instead of a Harley will be sufficient to warrant a dismissal of this action. Generally speaking, officers may not conduct routing traffic stops in unmarked vehicles. However, there are numerous exceptions to this rule, and it will therefore be difficult to obtain a dismissal for this reason. To discuss your other options, you may contact us for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  54. Received a ticket in manlius, New York, clocked at 62 in a 30mph, but wasn’t speeding through town, only sped up when two lanes merged into one, and no sign saying to not pass on the right side. What am I looking at penalty wise and what is a reasonable outcome with my lawyer taking over?

    Taylor on
    • Taylor – in order to provide you with a likely outcome, we require additional information from you. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529. Generally speak, however, you are facing an 8 point ticket, which will carries fines of $600, court fees of $93, and a driver responsibility assessment charge of $450 over 3 years. The fact that there was no sign stating that you should not pass on the right has no bearing on this case – as the issue here is whether you were speeding.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  55. I am a PA resident and I received a speeding ticket for going 65 in a 55 (he states I was really going 74) on state hwy 206 Sidney NY (Delaware county). Is this worth fighting? I have a clean license and want to keep it that way!

    Lisa on
  56. I got pulled over doing 80 in a 65. I’m from Ohio and this was my first time driving in NY. Any chance of lower fine and less points.

    Steve on
  57. I got a speed ticket in I-90. I was driving at 85MPH in 65MPH zone. Should I plea Guilty or do I have any other option?

    Edgar J Becerra Prieto on
  58. First time speeding and first time ever getting pulled over and getting a ticket. I was going 60 in a 45 in Clifton Park, NY. How many points would I get off and how much would I have to pay?

    Alexis on
  59. Hello, I received tickets in Champlain, NY for (1) driving 66 MPH in a 45-MPH posted work zone (where no work was being performed and (2) failing to notify DMV of change in address. Do you know what the fines will be, and do you suggest pleading not guilty? Thanks

    Jon on
    • You are facing the following penalties: a) 6 points, b) fines in the amount of 600, c) court fees of $93, d) a driver responsibility assessment of $300, and e) an increase in your insurance rates by an average of 20-25% . I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate these harsh consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  60. I got ticket in Mount Morris Village in NY State. We were driving 46 in 30. When the cop pulled us over, she said she will give us a discount and give us a ticket for Disobeyed traffic control device. How much will the ticked be and how many points. We can not go to court since is almost 5 hour driving from where we live. Please respond. Thank you.

    Krystyna on
  61. I am an out of state driver who received a traffic ticket for disobeying a “No Left Turn” sign. I entered Flatbush Avenue from a side street that immediatly leads on to Flatlands Avenue and didnot notice the sign high on the pole. I have a clean driving record. What is the penalty for such? And, what are the options available to avoid points being placed on my license? Is there also a grace period beyond the 15days for payment. The ticket is also due today and is unable to find an appropriate link online to proceed. Thanks in Advance

    Stephanie on
  62. I relocated from Red Hook, NY to Burlington, VT last fall. In October I obtained a VT driver’s license and surrendered my NY license. On May 12, 2015, I got a speeding ticket 51/30 in Crown Point, NY. The trooper who pulled me over advised me to plead guilty and pay the fine, which I did. The Crown Point Town Court charged me $100 for the fine and $93 for the surcharge, both of which I paid. I have now received a Driver Responsibility Statement which states I must pay $300 as I now have 6 points on my license! I would have preferred to appear at the Crown Point Town Court and had the penalty reduced, but I took the trooper’s advice. The Assessment Statement was forwarded from my Red Hook Address. Is there any way to get the additional fee and points reduced? Thank you.

    Barrie Montross on
  63. I received a ticket in Rochester City for failure to stop at a stop sign. The officer said he saw me roll past the sign. I said I stopped and then rolled forward to see if anything was coming from a blind driveway at the intersection. The officer was sitting in a driveway ahead of me but the road curved in such a way that he could not have seen me from the driveway. But he still claimed he saw me rolling. Is this worth fighting ? A diagram of the intersection would make it clear he could not have seen my car r the stop sign.

    Fred on
  64. I have a speeding ticket in bath town court ny for 80 miles in 65 zone. What will be my fine and points. If I fight this, can I get it to a non speeding violation with no points or dismissed all together. I had a clean record for 15 yrs and now suddenly I have 2 tickets one this and one for cell phone in NY city which I’m fighting too so probably does not show on records yet.

    Paul on
  65. I had a ticket, the officer said i was improper turn. (there is a three-lines traffic street, and i was in the middle. the street sign on the floor shows left line allow to straight and left, the right line shows right turn only, but the middle line have nothing to show. that was why i made a turn from there). Do i have chance to fight for this ticket? If i do, please email me. i want to hire an attorney to fight for this ticke because i already have point, i don’t want to get another one and raise my insurance fee. Thank you!

    Andy on
  66. My husband received a speeding ticket (upstate NY) and he filled out the form as “non guilty” and sent it back. He doesn’t have any previous records but we expect this to be a 6 point ticket so he decided to fight for it. What happens next? Should we wait for the response of the county court before contacting a lawyer? If so how much the lawyer will cost in total? The lawyer will need to represent my husband in the court since we live far from that county court. Thank you for your help.

    Becky on
  67. I received a speeding ticket in Queens (driving on 495 westbound) for doing 72 in 50 mph zone.
    Ticket is from May 12 and I did not answer it yet.
    Can I still plea not guilty?
    If yes, can you represent me in court or do I need to be there as well?
    Thanks, Aviv

    Aviv on
  68. i got 3 tickets last night. Speeding (105 in a 50), Stopping on parkway, Unsafe Start. i got all of these on the Belt Parkway by NYPD Highway Patrol2, but i was picked up with a large group of cars and they issued all of us the same tickets except for one because he called his father to the scene who is a retired NYPD officer who got him out of the tickets. How can you help me make my situation better.

    Ernest H on
  69. I got a ticket for doing 81 on a 65mph in saratoga springs ny. I was actually doing 75 the person right infront of me was doing the 81 and braked hard so did I she ran my plates and pulled
    Me over. My car was slide swiped first thing she asked me was what happened to my car. I live in nj. I never received a speeding ticket what are the points and the amount of the ticket should I pled not guilty it wasnt even my speed she read.

    Sanchez on
    • You are facing 4 points, and a fine of $393 for this speeding ticket. Additionally, this will have a significant impact on your insurance rates. It is therefore a good idea to contest this violation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  70. just received a speeding ticket in chemung co, 6/13/15 he clocked me with a laser doing 82 in a 65, i live in pa and was heading home from buffalo, wasn’t paying attention to my speed as it was thru a freshly paved area and didn’t realize how fast i was traveling, what are my best options, should i just pay the fine and how much i’m i looking at ?

    MARK on
    • Mark – you are looking at a 4 point ticket which will entail fines of $393, along with an impact on your insurance rates. I suggest fighting this ticket to mitigate / avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  71. A few days ago I received a ticket in King’s Ferry NY for 47 in a 35
    I admit I wasn’t looking at my speedometer as I was paying attention to the pickup truck in front of me, the next day I noticed the officer was on me prior to reaching the second sign for the 35 mph zone.
    Don’t you have to the second sign to slow down?
    I have a clean license and would like to Keep it that way!

    Mike on
  72. my boyfriend received a ticket for unsafe lane change, we are from New jersey and we were on our way to canal st. We were following a gps when we ended up in a a left turn lane so my boyfriend crossed over with no signal light but cop indicated he cut some off, but he had no sight of that obviously he made sure the road was clear before crossing over. I googled the violation and it showed an automatic 3 points on your licenses. My boyfriend has a clean recorded and has never had any violations or summons. Do you think this is something we can fight and receive no points?

    jasmine on
  73. 75 in a 55 on TSP in Milan, Dutchess County, NY. NYS Trooper. I did not accept responsibility nor did I deny. Clean license, no tickets in over 20 years. Should I appear and ask for a reduction to a non moving violation? I live 2 hours away. Or would the judge not be to accommodating if I represent myself.

    Rick on
    • What type of offer, if any, you are able to secure will depend on the prosecutor and the court. You might consider hiring legal representation to assure an optimal outcome. Additionally, no personal appearance would be required on your part if you retain the services of an attorney.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  74. Hi – I received a speeding ticket: 83 in 65 zone. The ticket says Section: 1180D. Description says Speed In Zone.
    I got speeding ticket around 4 years ago and I took class and avoid the points in CA.
    After that i have a clean NYS driving record – this was my first offense after 4 years.
    what are my choices? fines/fees and/or penalties? Or If will take the class and is it avoid the points or not? Thanks!

    prasad on
  75. I got my first speeding ticket tonight coming home late and I got charged with a 60 in a 45 speed zone. What are the approximate fees I will have to be paying and what do you recommend I do? Also it happened in Elma, New York

    Ashley Lavis on
  76. Hello… Early this month I received my first speeding ticket of 71MPH in 45MPH speed zone. It happened before crossing the VERRAZANO Bridge. I just came out of work on my way home. I don’t beleived that I was speeding, I was just going the flow of traffic. There were two other car before me , but then the officer pulled me over instead saying that I was going 71mph on a 45mph speed zone from a speed radar detector, not showing me any proof that I was the one who was speeding.
    I went ot DMV to pay this ticket, and the clerk said thats they take out 6 points in my licence a $200., and $300. assesment fee.

    I have an appointment to see the judge on July 10 Friday. Do you think I have a case, and need to have a lawyer to fight this?, or can I do it by myself?

    MARYANN on
    • Maryann – unfortunately, ‘going with the flow of traffic’ will not help your case – this only goes to show that other people were speeding at that time. While you are not required to have an attorney to fight a speeding ticket, an experienced attorney will assure you obtain the best outcome in your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  77. Hello – I was issued a speeding ticket yesterday in NYC. In an effort to get past a SUV to position to make a left hand turn, I “gunned” it from a red light to pass the SUV. I went to 40mph quickly, passed and slowed down. The officer used radar (although my radar detector did not go off at all) and clocked me however briefly at 41mph and ticketed me for going 40mph in a 25mph zone going north on Park Ave between 68th and 70th. Is it worth contesting? This is my first speeding ticket in six plus years. Thank you!

    Sean on
  78. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket on the L.I.E on 7/3. The passenger officer did not explain to me why they pulled me over and just asked for my license, registration and insurance. After 15 min, the driving officer walked up and handed me a various amount of tickets and my stuff back without a responses and walked away. The drove off and that was that. Do I have a case? It state I was going 80 in a 55 but they were driving on the H.O.V lane when they pulled me over, do I have a case?


    Anthony on
    • Anthony – while I suggest you fight your ticket, I would need to know more information before I advise you on possible defenses. You may contact me for a free consultation to discuss further.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  79. Hi,
    I got a two traffic citations issued by PA state police – Pocono
    when I was driving in PA on 3rd July 2015.

    1) Section 6110, subsection A :
    Charge: Regulation of traffic on PA turnpike

    with a fine of $25

    2) Section 3327 a1

    Charge: Duty of driver in emergency response areas

    with fine of 250

    I have the driving licence issued by california.
    I call the PENNDOT and they
    told me that if I plead guilty, it wont carry any points
    except the fines.
    I wanted to know how it will be handled in CA DMV
    where i am residing.


    Venkat on
  80. Hello,

    I was going 76 in a 65 (684 near bedford hills), and a failure to signal. What am i looking at and Is there anything i should do?



    Will Gallo on
    • You are looking at a 4 point speeding ticket, and a 2 point failure to signal ticket. Besides financial penalties, including a DRA assessment, these tickets can have a substantial impact on your insurance rates.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  81. i received a ticket (1180D) Driving down from canada to new york i was going 97MPH on 65 MPH zone.
    didnt know i was going that fast i cant afford to drive back to Canada, although the ticket says Manchester town court in NY.
    What is my fine and how can i fight this. i cant affort points on my license. i did go through the ticket to check for any mistake, the only one i see is on the supporting document instead of 5:25 am it says 5:25pm.

    Ani on
    • Generally speaking, minor clerical errors will not warrant the dismissal of a ticket. As the consequences of this ticket are severe, I strongly suggest you fight this ticket. Hiring a licensed attorney will allow you, in most cases, to forgo personally appearing in court.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  82. I received a traffic ticket 1180-D in New York while on a trip but I live in California. The officer said he clocked me 3 miles back going 80 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. But I know that I was driving 65. I wrote a letter explaining this and they sent a plea agreement of a reduced charge of 1201-A. I did not want to accept this because I was not guilty of either charge. They wrote back that if I don’t accept it then all they can do is set a court trial. But I can’t fly back to New York for court.

    Should I accept the charge of 1201-A? Is that going to be my only option?

    Jeff on
    • An offer of 1201-A is a parking ticket. Your other option would be to go to trial – which would put you at risk of being found guilty for the initial speeding offense. I suggest you take this offer.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  83. My 17 year old son rec’d 2 tickets from a car accident on 7/3/2015 in upstate NY. He was ticketed for speed, (1180a) & failed to stop at a posted stop sign (1172a). I arrived to the scene of my very distraught son, as he clearing ran a stop sign, striking a vehicle in the left rear. Had my son a.) been experienced driver he would have known not to pull the e-brake which caused the vehicle to pull to the left. had he swerved to the right he most likely may have been able to avoid the accident. However, he is inexperienced, he was on a road he was not too familiar with & thought the s/s was at the next block. the p/o grilled him, he pretty much agreed to whatever the p/o said. when asked how fast he was going he said he didn’t know but was in 3rd gear and positive not over 40. the city speed is 30. the ticket does not have a speed on it, as truly speed was not known. I feel that speed was not justified. Distracted.. possibly, as he had friends in car w/ him. inexperience absolutely. my insurance has already accepted responsibility for the dmg to other people vehicle. I am already paying throw the roof for insurance due to his inexperience the accident alone is going to cause it to sky rocket, not to mention these tickets/points. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations? I was going to apply for reduction in charges w/ the DA.

    Billie on
  84. Hello,

    Yesterday I recieve a speeding ticket going 74 in a 50 mph zone, on the SI Expwy a highway in SI, NY. My speedometer said I did not go over 52 MPH, and I had 2 other witnesses in the car who also saw this. my driving record is clean! Cop pulled me over after i came around a turn, he was far from his car with no radar in sight. it looked impossible for him to have clocked me in at ANY point. I know i wasnt speeding because the whole time i was driving, cars were passing me.. and i would never dare speed with my mother in law nor my wife in the car. what do i do when i know i am not guilty??

    Mike Chierchio on
  85. My husband currently has 13 points on his license on record. He has a court date in two weeks to fight a city speeding ticket that would give 6 points, and another in October to fight a city speeding ticket worth 8 points. Is there anyway that he could potentially not lose his license?

    Elizabeth Flores on
  86. I was caugh by radar at 60MPH in a working zone of 45MPH on interstate 87, in the town of Champlain (1054).
    I am from province of Quebec, I would like to know the munch that ticket will cost?

    sohie de bellefeuille on
  87. I was pulled over going about 66 in a 55 mph zone in oswego county, ny. My cruise control was set on 65, but needle wavering just over. When questioned by the officer, I said my cruise control was set at 65 and I could have been traveling at 67-68mph, maximum. Ticked states that I declared my speed definitely as 67-68mph, and that laser verified speed as 70mph. Should I contest accuracy of equipment and mention these things to try to have my fine lowered? It is my first moving violation.

    benjamin on
  88. Hello I was pulled over for speeding (82 in a 65 zone in NYS on hwy 390) but the officer wrote a ticket for “back seat pass age 8-15 no/impropr seat belt” because my 3 yr old put the top of the seat belt behind her back. He said if I try to fight the seat belt ticket he will come to court to fight it and write me for speeding as well. Is this possible? How many points is the seat belt violation?

    Tiffany on
  89. Hi, I was pulled over on 1/31/15 supposedly doing 81 in a 55. On the ticket it didn’t have a signature under radar office. I sent my not guilty plea in and was sent back a first class mail doc that said it was received 2/9/15. Upon calling the town court a lady informed me that I would receive a court date within 6 months. It has almost been 6 months and I haven’t received any notice. Isn’t there a grace period before they can throw out this ticket. Wouldn’t anything after 6 months go against my 6th amendment. Thanks

    Zach on

    BYANT on
  91. Hi. I live out of state—and was ticketed for going 40 in a 30. I think the only reason I got this ticket is *because* I live out of state. The officer was parked next to the 30 mph sign, and followed me for a couple of minutes before pulling me over.

    I’m pretty sure that, when he clocked me, the speed limit was 45 mph (but, since I’m not from around there, I can’t verify this).

    Is there any reasonable means of contesting this without having to go all the way back to NY. I hardly have enough money to get back there, but I don’t think this ticket’s fair.

    Javier on
  92. hi I received a ticket for doing 76 on 55mph Taconic State Parkway in Ghent, NY i jsut submitted my ticket for not guilty. i was going down the hill and trying the whole time to stay within a 10mile from limit but my speed increased and I was on fast lane. i should try to fight this right?

    Maki Cassus on
    • Maki – you are facing a 6 point ticket with fines of $393, a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300, and a significant insurance impact. I therefore suggest you fight this ticket.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  93. Hello
    I leave in North CArolina, and was travelling to Buffalo. On I-190 I got speeding ticket for doing 70 in a 55 speed limit zone. They have given me a court date. What should I do? Can you help in any way?

    Ram on
  94. Hi. I live in Jersey City and I got a ticket for going 53 in a 35 in NYS.
    I have a clean NYS driving record – this was my first offense.
    I just got off the highway, drove into a small town and stopped for the first traffic light. The police was waiting there.
    The speed limit at that town changes every 2 or 3 minutes drive. It’s hard to pay attention to the limits that frequently.
    Should I plead guilty? How much and how many points will it cost me?

    Kaity on
  95. I got a 1180D for speeding on I-90WB. This is the FIRST TIME I am getting any kind of ticket. I was speeding at 89 mph when the posted limit was 65 mph. There was a child in the car seat
    What would be the fine ?
    I learned that there could be 15 days imprisonment along with fine…. How often Judge order that ?

    thanks in anticipation

    milind on
    • Since you were cited as going 24 mph over the speed limit, you are facing a 6 point ticket which has a maximum fine of $393, plus a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300. This will also likely impact your insurance rates. You should consider fighting this ticket to avoid or mitigate the consequences. A prison sentence for a speeding ticket is highly unlikely, but you do have to take care of the ticket so you do not lose your driving privileges. For more information, give me a call at 1-888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  96. Hi, I received a ticket on May 5th of 2014, but the ticket was not filed until recently, as I tried to check it on the website every week for nearly a year. I just received a notice warning that my license will be suspended if I don’t pay or plead not guilty. On the ticket, the officer did not write any speeds. However, I am being charged with going between 21 and 30 miles over the limit. Does the fact that it took the officer more than a year to file the ticket, or that he didn’t note any speed on the ticket make any difference? Thanks!

    Dan on
  97. Hi
    I am from California, and I received ticket on I-81 (CORTLANDVILLE, NY). Ticket is for driving at 84mph in 65mph zone.

    What is my fine or options?

    Baljit on
  98. Hi there,
    I received a speeding ticket in the town of Moores NY, I live in Ontario, Canada. Radar was 48 in a 30, he marked it down to 45 mph. I sent in my ticket and ask for a reduced penalty like no demerit points, they mailed back asking for my driving history or record. which do i provide?

    Chris Villeneuve on
  99. I received a ticket on the 290 in Amherst, NY for going 72 in a 55. I did mail in the ticket with the not guilty section filled out. I have no current points on my licence. What happens next?

    Becky on
  100. We were pulled over in Peru, NY clocked at doing 68 in a 45 mile work zone (not that it matters but no one was there working). I have a clean license and explained I wasn’t used to looking between the km and mile differences as our car is from Canada with the km reading big above the miles in small numbers. My previous car from a few months ago was all digital I was getting confused from looking at all the numbers. He came back with a ticket 55 in 45 mph work zone. He told us that it would be a $90 – $150 dollar fine if we chose to plea guilty or if we thought he was unfair plea not guilty and take it to court. And he told us if he had written it for the original speed it would have been $600 to $800 fee.

    Is the fee he quoted for the 55 accurate or is there more to what he just said?
    Would it be cheaper to hire an attorney or pay the ticket?

    Ella on
    • The maximum fine for 55/45 is $243; the max fine for 68/45 is $393 + $300 assessment charge. Additionally, insurance rates will be impacted by this speeding ticket. While the officer did assist you by reducing the speed, you are still facing a speeding ticket which will impact your ON license.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  101. I got a speeding ticket up in Alex bay NY(town of Orleans) going 71 in a 40…I personally didn’t think I was going that fast but he got me on radar…I have a Virginia LIcense…What is the fine likely to be if I plead guilty and should I fight it…I don’t think it affects anything here in VA….insurance, points or otherwise….Any thoughts??

    I did see the max fine is $600…am I likely to get that??

    Tim on
    • While text messages are one form of evidence that may be used to show the need for a restraining order, there are several requirements that need to be met before a judge will grant a request for a restraining order. For example, you would need to prove that there has been a prior history of abuse and the restraining order is necessary to protect you from an immediate danger or prevent further abuse. It is highly recommended to keep a journal or record, logging each time that you are verbally or physically attacked. Call us for a consultation to discuss this further. Our experienced attorneys can help you successfully obtain a restraining order.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  102. I got a speeding ticket caught on 88mph on 65mph limit near Exit 1 on 81N in NY near Kirkwood, NY. What would be my fines? Do I need to contest this charge? of so how?

    Sasi on
    • Sasi – you are facing a 6 point ticket, with fines ranging from $203 – $393. Additionally, you will have to pay a driver responsibility assessment charge of $100/year for 3 years. I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  103. Hi Adam, I got a ticket going 83 mph on a 65-mile zone in Blooming Grove, NY. I wonder how it’s possible to fight this charge given that the police caught me on radar? BTW, I’ve kept a clean record with no moving violations, and I was driving with cruise control going 75 mph. Now it seems to be my words vs. the cop’s words…

    June C. on
  104. Hi, I (a Canadian) received a speeding ticket for going 71 in a 55 mph zone, in Niagara falls, NY. What do I do to try & avoid getting any demerit points on my license? Please advise. Do I plea not gulity/just appear to the court at the date & time noted on the ticket? Do I still have to mail the ticket in & is it 48hrs/30 days to do so?

    Wendy on
  105. I dont know who fast i was going was 3:am in fog ,i just so the police ligths in he toll me the was going a 102mp in 65mp 1180 d ,i dont know what to do…

    vladimir on
    • Vladimir – you are facing an 8 point ticket that carries substantial fines ($693), assessment charges ($450), and insurance impacts. I strongly suggest you contact our firm to discuss your case in further detail.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  106. I have a question. I was pulled over for an improper lane change (section 1128C) in Clifton Park, NY. How much will the ticket likely cost and how many points?

    Lana on
  107. Hello, got ticketed for 75 in 55 in Smithtown, Suffolk county. The officer asked me what the speed limit was, and I did not know. I said that I had to keep the same speed as those around me. He kept asking how fast I think I was going. I said not sure, but probably 65. He gave me supporting deposition noting I stated I was going 65. What am I facing?

    Andrey on
    • Andrey – This 4 point ticket will subject you to fines of $393, along with an increase in your insurance rates. Unfortunately, any reference to the speed at which other cars were travelling does not help your case. If you would like to discuss in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  108. Hi, I got a speeding ticket for 84 in 65 zone, in Chemung county , NY (I-86) just before exit 56 east bound. What would be my fines? Do I get points on my drivers license? Should I plea guilty or non guilty? Is it possible to convert this ticket into other non moving violations so I don’t get points on my drivers license?

    Victor on
      • Hello Adam, how much is your fee to fight for this ticket and can it be converted to a non moving violation. Actually my wife had a upset stomach and she had to use the restroom, so I was just trying to reach the gas station on exit 56, my gps showed the nearest gas station there. I was moving with the traffic at speed around 75 miles but just to bypass a vehicle I might have gone little faster and definitely it was not 84 but may be around 79 / 80. I explained about my wife situation to the officer also.

        Victor on
  109. Hello, i got a speeding ticket for 35 in 15 Zone, in Henderson, NY (Westcott Beach State Park) . I will explain the situation what happened with me, i was driving on 55mph zone and i supposed to enter into the Park entrance towards right, So, i took immediate right reducing my speed from 55 to lesser and i should take the immediate left (kind of Circle). After driving few meters i saw the Speed Limit board with 15mph aswell as Park Entrance Ticket counter and i am reducing my speed Limit to slower down to take the Ticket to enter into the Park. Exactly behind that Speed Limit board Cop (Officer) was waiting. The officer start coming behind my car. After i took the Ticket at the counter. He Stopped me immediately and gave me a Ticket. I told officer that i am not driving that speed. (There is no way to drive that speed in that area because there is a Ticket Counter booth infront of me in just few meters when you enter into the park). I have plead Not-guilty and I sent the Ticket to the Court. I would like to know What would be my fines? Do I get points on my drivers license? After i go and fight in the court ? Please give me some Suggestions. Thanks

    Sagar on
  110. Hi, I got a speeding ticket for 94 in 55 zone, in Dutchess County, Taconic State Parkway. And I’m not citizen of USA. I’m from Europe. What would be my fines?

    eugen on
  111. Hi Adam,
    I got a speeding ticket on May 12, 2015 for 75 in 65 zone in ELMIRA Town, NY on i86 South.
    I pleaded guiily and replied back to the court. It’s been 4 months and i havn’t heard back from the court. So what is the waiting period and how much fine i should expect.

    Sandeep on
  112. I can’t believe this happened!
    I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket in the US before! I really don’t believe I was going that fast either. In fact, I had people honking, flashing their beams at me, etc to move over!
    Then here I was, just driving along in traffic and, boom! State trooper pulls me over, saying I was going 84 in a 65 on the Thruway! I never go that fast!!
    Now what do I do? I can’t get time off to travel all the way from Canada to the US to attend court or anything to get this reduced / forgiven. And… I drive a school bus for a living! How will this affect my career?!? :-(

    Jon on
  113. I received a 1180 b for going 77 in 55 speed zone, near Niagara fall on I290. I live in New Jersey around 400 miles away from that location. I have a clean driving license with not tickets what so ever. Should I plead guilty? if not, will I have to be present in person at the court?

    Shiv on
    • Shiv – You are facing a 6 point ticket – with a total fine of $393, and an assessment charge of $300. 2 points will transfer to your NJ record, along with the violation – thus impacting your insurance rates.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  114. Hi,I just got a speeding ticket acouple of days ago in Binghamton. Ny .I was going 37 mph in 20 In school zone .iam not American citizen how much fine should I expect any how many point .thanks

    Hanna on
  115. Hi Adam,

    I got a speeding ticket by NY State Police. Driving 80 in 65 MPH. It says Speed in Zone – 1180D detected by Radar.
    This is my first violation and have otherwise a clear Driving record. I reside in Texas and have Texas License.
    They have asked to respond by mail or in person in Lindely Town Court
    What are my options here. Can you please suggest.

    Kumar on
  116. Hello I have a PA license and have just received a 72 m/h speeding ticket on Taconic State Parkway (55 mph speed limit) – near Lagrange, Dutchess County – I am gravely misquoted in the statement to the point that the officer has lied in order to make it seem like I knew the speed limit and stated it proudly. I plan to show in court and plea not guilty – what are my fines looking like if convicted, and what do I say to help my case?

    Rachel on
    • You are looking at fines Ranging from $203 – $393. While it is difficult to tell you exactly what to say, please be advised that speeding is a strict liability offense – thus – there is no defense to the speeding violation itself. We would be happy to explain this further, and invite you to contact us for a free consult.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  117. Hello, on 2/26/15 I got a ( sign disobey ) ticket and I plead not guilty, they postponed the hearing twice now and according to the notice of hearing the violation is “Disobey Traffic Device” is it the same? What are the chances of this ticket be dimissed? How much do you charged if you handle this?

    Joseph on
    • Joseph – we have no way of knowing what you were charged with without reviewing the ticket. From the information provided, however, I believe you are being charged with an 1110(a) – disobey traffic control device.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  118. I have a driving without Insurance ticket from 1995 for $225 plus the $500 civil penalty. It was due to a change in insurance carriers and within a week it was resolved. The insurance company updated DMV and I was informed by the police that as long it was done within two weeks the ticket would be removed. I contacted DMV and they said without evidence nothing can be doe. I had subsequently moved into the and did not get any DMV mailings. Dom I have any options but to pay the fine??? Other than a reprint of the ticket which I got recently I have no paperwork or documents from back then…

    James on
  119. Hi Adam, I’m a PA resident and received a ticket going 83 mph on a 65-mile zone in Salina, NY. I wonder how it’s possible to fight this charge given that the police caught me on radar? BTW, I’ve kept a 40 year clean record with no moving violations, I did receive one warning in Vermont December 2011. I’m positive I never went over 75 mph. This case is scheduled for Salina Town Court, Liverpool, NY. What type of fees am I looking at? What are your fees for representation?

    Barb on
  120. I received a speeding ticket (Speed in zone) for doing 48 in a 30 in Geneva NY. I hold a NJ drivers license. What is the fine associated with this and do you suggest I fight it?

    John on
  121. Hello 09/26/2015 I m going upstate I got Ticket on Taconic State pkwy.
    I was driving 84 in 55 MPH zone like to know how many point this ticket gonna take and how much gonna be ticket my record is Clean I never got ticket this is first ticket in my life I like to pay the penalties I don’t wanna loss my points let me know thank you

    Faizan Siddiqui on
    • This is a 6 point ticket that carries fines ranging from $203 – $393. Additionally, you will be required to pay an assessment fee of $300. You may contact me to discuss your options for fighting this ticket.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  122. Hi I received a speeding ticket doing 51 in a 25 unposted zone in Manhattan. my first speeding ticket how many points am i looking at?. I have a NJ state license. Based on your advice above i know i should fight it, What are my chances?

    jawan91 on
  123. Hello, I got a speeding ticket VIOLATION SPEED IN ZONE 11-30, SECT. LAW 1180D2. This law is about SPEEDING ON RESTRICTED HIGHWAY. The officer stopped me on a curved ramp right before I was entering a highway. The is no construction on the highway or the ramp. There is a yellow advisory 25 mph speed sign on the entrance of the ramp. He claimed I was going 41, that I don’t believe. Do I need your help or I can do it myself? 😉

    Sergey on
    • Sergey – you are currently being charged with a standard speeding ticket, not a work zone violation. While you are allowed to handle traffic tickets yourself, there is significant vale in hiring experienced attorneys for this ticket.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  124. I’m 17 and I got a ticket in Strykersville when I was going 79 in a 55. Will my license be suspended? And how much do you think I’ll have to pay?

    Girl on
  125. I got 1180D for doing 64 on 40 MPH zone which I think was absurd. This was in town of Orleans, Jefferson County, NY. I live in Delaware and my court date is 10/13. Should I fight or plead guilty?

    Mj Chowdhury on
  126. I am a resident of Quebec and received a ticket for going 45mph in a 30mph zone in Rouses Point, NY. In Canada the speed limit in neighboring rural areas is 70kmph (about 43mph) and I assumed the same was true south of the border. In Champlain, NY, where we were driving from, the limit was 55mph and so we thought we were driving on the slow side given that it was on a state route. I didn’t see any signs to the contrary and then I was pulled over. What is the fine for such a violation in Clinton County? This is a first time offence and I have a clean record.

    Pete on
  127. Hello,
    I received a speeding ticket on 10/2/15 in Sullivan county, NY, on State highway 17. The ticket states i was doing 85 in a 65 zone. This is my first ever traffic offense. I was driving my girlfriends car with her in the passenger. I would like to see how i can reduce the points and fines. What should i do, and will there be any penalty on my girlfriends insurance?


    Gavin Motnyk on
    • Gavin – generally speaking, the violation would not impact your girlfriends insurance, as she was not the driver. I do suggest you fight this ticket as it is 4 points, and has a fine of $393.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  128. Hello,
    About 3 weeks ago I was pulled over for going 81 in a 65 in wawayanda NY. The officer reduced the ticket to 76 in a 65. He then told me “if for some reason you plead not guilty then you will probably will get it reduced to a parking violation”. So I mailed the ticket in the same day not guilty. On the ticket it said to mail it in before Oct 9. Today Oct 7 and still have received nothing from the court. My question is when will I hear back from the court and if I end up getting a parking violation how much will it be. Also I’m 18 with a NJ license with no past tickets.

    Kyle on
  129. I received a ticket for going 55 in a 40 mph zone. What will the ticket and fine be, including and fees and the like? Is it worth pleading not guilty? I’ll admit I was going faster than 40, but not 15 mph over.

    David Pindel on
  130. I got a speeding ticket, 87 in 65 today on I90W in town of schodack. In violation of NYS V AND T LAW section 1180D “speed in zone” I reside in MA and have a 100% clear license, never even been pulled over. Any advise and idea of charges? Much appreciated.

    Kelsey on
    • This is a 6 point ticket in New York, with a maximum fine of $393 and a $300 Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.
      The violation and points can also transfer to your Massachusetts record. I suggest you fight this ticket to avoid or reduce the fines, points and increase to insurance.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  131. I have a speeding ticket which the State has postponed twice, and I have once. It is for going 68 in a 50. The ticket has 3 errors, 1- my birthday listed completely wrong, and 2- the location of the cross streets listed does not exist. Do i have a chance?

    Eugene on
    • I will need to know more about this case in order to instruct you further. You may contact us to discuss. Generally, minor errors on the ticket such as the birth date and street address are not sufficient grounds for a dismissal.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  132. Hi, i’m Canadian and the police officer caught me going 68mph in a construction zone of 45mph speed limit. In fact i’m pretty sure I was going at 60mph because at the beginning of the construction passage the limit was 55 and I reduced my speed to 60mph then at a smaller passage of the construction passage the speed diminuated to 45 mph and I didn’t reduced more so I stayed at 60 mph. Tell me please what can I fight for if I plead not guilty. I had the ticket in the 87-N in the Peru district.

    Andres on
    • Andres – you are currently facing a 6 point ticket that has a fine of $693, and an assessment charge of $300 over the course of 3 years. Additionally, this will have a substantial impact on insurance. It is
      therefore recommended that you contest this ticket.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  133. Hell I receiver a driving using an electronic device ticket , I know that is a 5 point ticket, what will that cost around and how will this impact my insurance if this is my first ticket

    Nick123 on
  134. I have received a speed in zone (1180D) ticket for speeding at 89MPH in a 65 MPH zone. I have a PA drivers license and had a clean record so far. I understand this is a 6 point ticket in NY, but will that be transferred to my PA drivers record? If so, should I plea of not guilty? And also I cant drive back to NY(ERWIN TOWN COURT) to attend court. So, how much does Attorneys charge to represent me in Court and fight for me? Please advise.

    Nitin Dasari on
  135. I’m visiting from Israel I’m driving a rented car with my international license. I received a speeding ticket 25 miles over speed limit. I’m leaving the country in 2 days and don’t know how to proceed. I would like to pay but don’t know how much. The ticket said to mail it in for a court dated but I will not be around. I don’t even have a mailing address in ny

    Mazi on
  136. Hello, i just recieved a speeding ticket going 86/65 , in Cortland, NY. What penalties am i looking at if i plead guilty, while already having a speeding ticket within the year?!

    Jannie on
    • Jannie – you are facing a 6 point ticket, that carries a fine of $393; along with a $300 assessment fee. This assessment fee is based on the number of points currently against your driving record. Additionally, 2 points will transfer to your NJ license.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  137. Speeding ticket 74 in a 55 in Lewis County. Licensed in Fl with no other tickets. Don’t want to return to NY for court but don’t want to blindly plead guilty.

    James Bleakley on
  138. I just got a speeding ticket in Brooklyn. 52/25, verified by LIDAR. I have a PA license. No matter what i will plead not guilty. Will points transfer to PA, will i have to take a class, insurance? Chances of winning?

    Leonard Shaw on
    • The violation and therefore insurance impact will transfer to PA, not necessarily the points. Your case will be governed by the traffic violations bureau – which is a trial court. Without experience in this court system, obtaining a dismissal on your ticket, while possible, is rare.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  139. I received 4 tickets for speeding, 2 for tinted windows, one for no license (I have a permit),and one for speeding 75 on a 33. I don’t know what to do I made a stupid choice but I want to know what my consequence will be, and I was pulled over in Long Island New York.

    Dennis on
  140. I received ticket in BALLSTON SPA NY for driving 70 AT 65 ZONE.
    also I plead quilty with explanation as suggested by police officer.
    What will be the amount and consequences for insurance and pionts.
    I simply followed the trafic so 5 miles over never been an issue for speeding. Unfortunately in NY State is an issue !

    Frank Woronkowicz on
  141. Hi Mr Adam Rosenbulm. I have got two ticket at one time on 11/24/2015 9:14pm at I-90 highway. One is a speeding ticket “103MPH at 65MPH zone” charge based on Officer’s “Direct observation”
    Speed verified by : Radar
    Additional information: 91 MPH in the passing lane with Patrol stationary facing east -103 MPH in the passing westbound with patrol westbound same lane radar and paced with no other vehicle in the driving lane or in front of him.
    In which you substantially stated as follows:
    Do you know why I stopped you? – No? Do you know how fast you were going?- I was just following that car in front of me.

    and another ticket is “Disobeyed traffic control Device”

    It is really dark at that time. and the traffic is very good, I could not control my speed very well. and Also could not see the Traffic control Device.(I have been driven for 200 miles already, kind tired) when the policy officer following me . I thought maybe I’m too slow, So I push gas try to make a safe distance between me and him. (I don’t know that is policy officer at that time) And he still keep following me very closely for 5 mintues . And then I changed the lane to the right. He also changed the lane to the right. After few minutes He flush the red light and I pulled over.
    He also Provide a supporting deposition for the speeding ticket to me. Could I still plead not guilty?
    I really feel he was setting up a trap for me to speeding. because He was following me for a long time and did not flush the red light. And i have good driving record.

    Could you help me to fight this two ticket?

    Yu Chen on
    • Yu – you are facing an 8 point speeding ticket and a 2 point disobey traffic control device ticket. These tickets will result in significant fines – in excess of $900, assessment fees of approximately $600 over 3 years, and a steep increase in insurance rates. I strongly suggest you fight these tickets to mitigate the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  142. hello adam,

    I WAS DRIVING UP A HILL AND RECEIVED A 50 IN A 30MPH TICKET. WHEN I ASKED THE OFFICER WHAT HE CLOCKED IN AT HE REPLIED, ’18 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE I KNOW YOU WHERE GOING FAST. WE THEN WROTE ON THE TICKET ” I ESTIMATED 50″ i never received a speeding ticket before. and to add insult to injury i have a police scanner / radar in my car so i know for a fact he didn’t have his radar gun out.

    marcos on
  143. Received ticket last Sunday for going 44 in a 25 mph zone on Kings Highweay- in itself ridiculous as it was a 6 lane road- fine is $115- not the end of the world- I am NJ license- what about points- I have a clean record-

    I tried doing this online but the summons is not on their system yet-

    Please advise

    Avraham on
  144. Hello so i recieved a speeding ticket last month. It was said i was doing 80 in a 55. My question is i have another speeding ticket I am currently fighting from three years ago and i am trying to avoid points on my license and any increase on my insurance. If it is reccommended to get help from someone how much does the fees usually come out to?

    Danny on
  145. Hi, 1180D
    i am 20 yaers old. and I have driver license,
    I got speeding ticket for first time and it is in east greenbush rensselaer, NY
    they said i was 64 in 40 speed zone.
    how much I pay ?
    And how money point ?
    Thanx ★

    pedram on
    • Dylan – you are facing an 8 point ticket in NY, that will cost $693, along with assessment charges of $450. The violation, not necessarily the points, will transfer to PA – significantly impacting your insurance rates.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  146. Hi Adam;

    On 04/12/15 I got a 71/50 speeding ticket AND a UNLICENSED GT 60DAYS because my license was expired. I honestly forgot about the ticket and my license was suspended for failure to answer the speeding ticket. I know that’s 6 points. Is there anything I can do? Can the speeding ticket still be fought or is it too late?

    William on
  147. hi. I was doing 80 in a 65 on the NYS thruway. My speedometer said 73 and I was cruising. But anyways, He insisted and gave me a ticket. Can someone help me? I do not feel like traveling all the way back there for court and I really need help with this ticket.

    Jamie on
  148. Hi I got a ticket for going 59 in a 39 in Cayuga NY, this is my second ticket the first was 3 years ago and was a 65 in a 45 but the last one was dropped to a non moving violation and I only had a $75 fine. How much do you think this ticket will be or do think I’ll get any points? Also can I still plea not guilty even if when he asked me why he pollede over I said I was probably speeding??

    Amy on
    • Amy – you can still plead not-guilty irrespective of your comment to the officer. While the type of offer you receive is dependent upon numerous factors that we would be happy to discuss, obtaining zero points from this violation is very possible.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  149. I was pulled over for doing 50 in a 35 mph zone. Is it worth it to fight this ticket since I was under the impression that insurance companies cannot raise your rates for violations of 15 mph or less?

    Rick on
  150. I got a speeding ticket 80/40 in New York City with the wrong date of the offense does that warrant grounds for dismissal the officer had 6 boxes, mm/dd/yy, he put 10815 not 101815, But on the bottom of ticket wear the officer signs was the correct date do I have a leg to stand on.

    • Hello, sometimes date may be sufficient enough to have the ticket dismissed. However, since he signed the correct date this ticket may not be dismissed. 40mph over the limit if the ticket is not dismissed will result in a 8 point ticket. You would also face a maximum court fine of $693 and a driver’s assessment fine of $450. We do suggest you plead not guilty. If you would like more information please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  151. Hello, in November 2014 I was clocked going 40 in 25 zone on the eastern parkway. This was when the new law was passed, and I was unaware of it. Also, the officer incorrectly wrote down my driver’s license number. Is this grounds for dismissal? I have pleaded not guilty and am awaiting my trial date.

    Kevin on
    • Hello, you are facing a 4 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $393. Your insurance rates will increase 20 to 25 percent for the next 3 to 5 years. We suggest you plead not guilty to
      ticket. If you have any questions, you contact our office at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  152. Received a ticket in the Clearview expressway going 71 in 50 mph zone. Honestly don’t think I was going that fast but didn’t fight it. What would be the cost to represent me and fight the ticket? not sure what my defense would be (was coming back from the nursing home where my aunt was terminally ill and just passed away two days later).

    John Olberding on
    • Hi, you are currently looking at a 6 point ticket, a maximum court fine of $393 and a driver’s assessment fee of $300. Please contact our office for a free consultation in order to provide you with
      our costs, 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  153. I received a speeding ticket when I took exit 3 off FDR (304 South Street, New York, NY). Cops were pulling bunch of drivers as people were taking exit. Speed limit on South Steet was 25…and they gave me ticket for doing 40. I think that a $115 + surcharge??

    I’m an out of state drive (MA). I feel like it was a BS ticket since everyone is going over the speed limit when taking an exit.

    Do you think I have a chance if I fight this ticket? I have a clean record and have only received one speeding ticket in my lifetime, which was waived after I disputed it.

    Riz on
    • Hello Riz, you are currently looking at a 4 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $393. We do suggest pleading not guilty. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact
      us for a free consultation at (888)883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  154. My car was losing power & I hit the gas pedal too hard. The cop who pulled me over stood in back of my car yelling at it. I pled not guilty. They told me the prosecutor would be in the court room. Don’t they allow you to plead to a lesser charge? What should I expect to happen? I am not a fast driver

    Teresa on
  155. I was pulled over doing 90 in 50 mph zone in queens it’s my first speeding ticket any advice in what I should do. I Managed to postpone my court date From December 2013 to February 2106.

    Gabriel Diaz on
    • Hi, 40 mph over the limit corresponds with an 8 point ticket. This also has a maximum court fine of $203 and a driver’s assessment fine of $450. Your insurance will also
      dramatically increase for the next 3 to 5 years. You should plead not guilty to this ticket. If you have any further questions, please contact our office 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  156. Hi i got caught on the officers radar going 85 in a 65 on I-99. it says section 1180D. i have no previous tickets on my license. Anyway out of it?/How much will it be.

    Rich on
    • Hello, right now you are facing a 6 point ticket, a maximum fine of $393 and an additional driver’s assessment fine of $300. If you would like information about disputing this ticket
      and our rates please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  157. got pulled over on 190W in florida county near amsterdam going 76 on a 65 also gave me a ticket for expired licence which i got renewed and all up to date..what are they going to fine me with both tickets

    sead jusic on
    • Sead – with the speeding ticket of 11mph over the limit you are facing a 4 point ticket and a maximum fine of $393. Driving with an expired license not only cause fines of up to $250
      and more points added onto your license but you also could face some jail time. If you would like a free consultation please contact our office at 888-853-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  158. Hello. I Have a restricted licence n was stopped for speeding it was a 50 zone n officer said I was doing 72. In queens NY.what am I facing?

    Jay on
    • Hello, you are currently facing having your license revoked for a minimum of 30 days. You are also looking at an additional 6 points to your license, a maximum fine of $393 and a
      driver’s assessment fine of $300. You will also face high insurance rates for the next 3 to 5 years. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  159. I just moved to Buffalo, NY, I got caught by a police on 12/30 (my first time in life, driving 25 years in USA), I saw him following me from my rear mirror, so I turned right on non-busy street, then he said I drive 50 on 30 limit street. I said I did not see the speed limit sign, plus, I got lost, so I am looking for right street, it seems no way to speed up…

    police did not said anything more, just asked me stay in car, he is going to issue speed ticket for me.

    when he come back just ask me to show in person in court for sure. then I could removed my point.

    after I back to office to see the ticket in detail :
    1). arrest type: 2 radar: which police did not show me anything like record show me my speed.
    2). police just gave me one single ticket, there is not “supporting deposition”

    my court date is 1/26, I will definitely show up, but don’t know if I could fight for : I did not speed like what police accused me?!

    any suggestion?!

    ken on
    • Unfortunately right now you are facing a 4 point ticket with a maximum fine of $393. Our suggestion is to plead not guilty. If you would like more information or have further
      questions please contact us at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  160. I recently received a speeding ticket on 81 north coming from Syracuse. I was doing 84 in a 65. How many points will I receive and have to pay ? This is my first ticket ever

    Cierra on
  161. I got a ticket doing 52 in a 35 back in early November, with a clean record. When I pled not guilty, I requested a deposition since one wasn’t given to me on the spot. I haven’t received a court date, but when I called in, they said it should be in the next month or two. Since I never received a deposition when requested, is that grounds for the case being dismissed? On the ticket too, where it had to be be marked if a deposition was given, no choice was selected either.

    Graham on
  162. My 19 year old son received 2 tickets at one time. One for speeding on a highway at 107 mph in a 55 mph zone and one that stated dangerous driving. What fines are we looking at? May I contact your office for a consultation?

    Tori on
    • This is a 6 point ticket that carries fines of $393, an assessment fee of $300, and significant impacts on your insurance rates. I therefore suggest you plead not guilty to minimize / avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  163. i received a speeding ticket in state of New york back in July 2015 on my way to Niagra Falls. I havent paid it yet becasue i just didnt have the money. my plan is to pay in full in Feb. should i call the court to advise them of this?

    karen vallor on
  164. My daughter just got a speeding ticket for 68 in a 45mph zone. She has only had her license since October so she is still within the probation period. Will she lose her license and should I fight the ticket to get it reduced?

    Shannon Olcott on
  165. I was pulled over near batavia for 69 in a 55. I wasnt paying attention while going down a large hill when they clocked me. The officer even acknowledges the hill “do you know what the speed limit was back there on the hill” at the bottom of the ticket. I have been driving 10 years and have no previous tickets.

    Tom on
  166. My 26 year old son (Maryland Drivers License)was involved in a one vehicle car accident. He lost control when his vehicle hit the snow and went down an embankment. ST Rt 31 at Alderman Road. 2 tickets issued. 1128A (Moved from lane unsafely) and 1180A (Speed not reasonable or prudent). Accident information form stated him as owner but I am owner and happened at 6:05 pm but tickets were written at 7:05 pm. No witness.
    damage to vehicle was broken passenger window by officer due to doors not opening. Do I have to file accident form and what fines and points for the tickets. Maryland lists the fines and points on tickets. I would like to avoid any points on his Maryland record.

    Sandra on
    • Hi Sandra, with the 1180A your son is facing a 3 point ticket a maximum fine of $243 and even 15 days of incarceration. The ticket for 1128A is another 3 point ticket with another maximum court fine of up to $243. A driver’s assessment fee of $300 will have to be paid as well. In terms of your window we do suggest filing an accident form. Your son should obtain counsel and plead not guilty for any of these offenses. Please contact our office for a free consultation about how we would be able to assist your son and have the penalties reduced. Our phone number is 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  167. I was given a speeding ticket this morning, on the Grand Concourse, for going 25 in a 40 zone. It was classified as an 1180D violation. I was on my way to jury duty, with another juror present in the car with me. I don’t believe I was going any faster than 35 MPH–there were cars around going faster than I was. The ticket lists no radar operator, and the car came out of nowhere, a fact that my passenger noted as soon as the police car turned the lights on. I regularly check my mirrors, and the car was not behind me. The road in the area is horrible damaged, and driving there requires me to frequently slow to a crawl in order to make it around a pothole, and then speed up again. An officer of the court told me that it was just because precincts had ticket quotas to fill before the end of the month. I’ve never received so much as a verbal warning or a parking ticket. I’m also on prescription medications that act as both stimulants and depressants–there is no warning not to drive on the bottles, or in any informational documents. I believe that the medications did affect me in that I was feeling extremely jumpy and easily startled.

    Carlotta on
    • Hello Carlotta, unfortunately the information you have provided is not enough to have the courts dismiss the ticket. You are currently looking at a 4 point ticket with a maximum court fine of $203. Your insurance rates will also face an increase by 20 to 25 percent for 3 to 5 years. Our suggestion to you is pleading non guilty. If you would like more information about disputing this ticket that was received please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  168. I got a ticket for “disobey traffic control device” in Greenwood Lake, NY, code 1110A. What is the fine and is this worth fighting? My driving record is perfectly clean.

    E. on
  169. Hi Adam,

    My wife got a 70 mph in a 50 mph ticket on the Clearview Expressway near Bayside (35th Ave). I’ve done enough research now about the TVB that tells me that the chances of success in fighting a case like this seem pretty slim – essentially hoping the officer doesn’t show. A 5mph reduction isn’t going to make a difference in this case.

    I have to tell you that other so-called traffic lawyer firms aren’t chomping at the bit to take a case like this, seemingly knowing it’s quite the long shot, at best.

    I know no one can guarantee an outcome, but I’m just looking for honesty. Your firm has had to have represented speeders on the Clearview or in the TVB that handles this in my violation area. It doesn’t make sense to throw more $$ away on a lost legal cause. I know this is a 4 point violation. I know it can impact insurance rates. But what I don’t need is to spend more money only to hear “Well, we gave it the old college try but the officer showed up and had his ducks in a row”. You must understand my point of view here.

    Right now the plan is to plead guilty and my wife will just do the defensive driver class to reduce the state points (not insurance points; I know). That’s the plan, UNLESS someone in a position such as yours can give me any kind of truly reasonable hope that hiring an attorney would be a good idea. It would be very dismaying to lose and then be out even more $$ for nothing. Anyway, tks for any info.

    Rick on
    • Rick – While the traffic violations bureau is a challenging court, it is not impossible to obtain dismissals. I would be happy to discuss our strategy behind these cases, that does not involve a non-appearance by the officer.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  170. I got a ticket for going 49 in a 30. it was a hill going from one town into another. the speed limit changed mid hill and there was a warning sign saying so. at the top of the hill the speed limit is 45. mid hill it warnes you it will be 30. at the bottom of the hill it actually changes to 30. I believe I was between the two signs when the cop pulled out so I technically was only going 49 in a 45. I slowed down for the second sign without noticing the cop. I pulled over after the light at the base of the hill only because I didn’t know the cop was there. is this a valid argument?

    Mercedes on
    • Hi Mercedes, unfortunately this is not a valid argument to have your ticket dismissed. This is also not enough information to provide full assistance. You are currently facing a 4 point ticket and depending on location you could be facing as much as a $393 court fine. Your insurance rates will increase substantially as well. However, our suggestion for you is pleading not guilty. If you would like more information please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  171. Today I got a speeding ticket in rochester in Brighton going 95 in a 55 and haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in almost 4 years what can my fines be?? Officer told me to plea not guilty.

    Tim on
    • Hello Tim, you were clocked for doing 40mph over the speed limit. This is an 8 point ticket with maximum court fine of $688. You will also face a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment fee of $450. Your insurance rate will increase by 20 to 25 percent for the next 3 to 5 years. We suggest listening to the officer and pleading not guilty. If you would like to find out about how to dispute this ticket and have it reduced please contact our office. You can contact us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  172. I just received my first speeding ticket for going 82 in a 65 on I-87 Northway in Warren County NY as i was running late to college. How much is the fine going to be as well as how many points am i going to get taken off my license? Also what can i do to reduce my fines/points?

    abby on
    • Abby – you are facing a 4 point ticket that carries a maximum fine of $393. In order to avoid / mitigate the consequences, you must plead not guilty and contest your ticket. If you want to discuss further, you may contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on

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