Speeding Tickets in New York State

by Adam Rosenblum

If you received a speeding ticket, you probably want to know:

  • How much the speeding ticket will cost
  • How many points you will get on your New York license if convicted

If you are convicted of speeding in New York, the amount you end up paying and the number of points that will be assessed depends on how fast you were going and where you were caught speeding.

For your reference, we have provided a schedule of fines and points for speeding offenses below. Higher fines and penalties than those listed below will apply if you have more than one speeding ticket in the past 18 months.

Also, New York automatically imposes an $85 or $93 surcharge (depending on whether you are in a city or town/village) in addition to the fine you will pay on the speeding ticket. No matter what your case is, it is always advisable to consult with a speeding ticket lawyer and discuss your case before you decide to plead guilty.

Have a question about your speeding ticket? Give us a call at 888-883-5529 to speak to an attorney or post a comment at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How Your Ticket Will Affect Your Insurance

Insurance companies can increase your premiums based on the points you have on your driving record. Rates can rise dramatically with just one speeding ticket. If an insurance company examines your record to find that you are in a high risk category, they can cancel your insurance altogether.

Complete List of New York Speeding Fines

Below is a chart explaining the maximum fine and court surcharge for all New York State speeding ticket violations. The violations are listed by their New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) section. (This can be found in the section sub-section part of your traffic ticket). These fines are increased if you are charged with speeding in a work zone, speeding in a school zone or if you have a CDL license. It is also important to note that if you accumulate 6 points or more on your license in NY State you will be required to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (i.e. $100 a year for 3 years and $25 per year for 3 years for every point over 6.)


CLICK HERE - New York Speeding Ticket Costs & Fines Associated

New York VTL Section Max Fine Court Surcharge
1180 (a) Speed not reasonable and prudent (3 points) $150 $85-$93
1180 (b) Speed Over State Limit
             <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
             > 31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 ( c) Speeding in school zone (between 6:00pm and 7:00am and non school days) $85-$93
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
             11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
             >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (c ) Speeding in school zone on School Days  
            <10 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $1,200 $85-$93
1180- (d)-1 Speeding in zone
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (d)- Speeding on a Restricted highway
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (c ) Failure to Reduce Speed for vehicles with special hazards $150 $85-$93
1180 (f)  Speeding in a Construction Zone
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1180 (g) Vehicles greater than 18,000 lbs speeding detected using radar
            <10 mph over limit $150 $85-$93
           11-30 mph over limit $300 $85-$93
           >31 mph over limit $600 $85-$93
1181(a) Driving too slow impeding traffic $150 $85-$93
1181(b) Driving below minimum posted speed limit $150 $85-$93
1182(1)  Unauthorized speed contest (racing) $525 $85-$93


List of Points for Speeding in New York

1-10 mph over the speed limit 3 points
11-20 mph over the speed limit 4 points
21-30 mph over the speed limit 6 points
40 mph + over the speed limit 11 points *

*11 points means that your license is suspended


The Requirement to Show Up to Court

A standard-style New York State speed sign ind...For all speeding tickets issued in New York State, the court schedules a pre-trial conference date. This is often a problem for people who cannot take off from work or live out-of-state or in Canada and do not wish to return to NY for their pre-trial conference. Individuals who choose not to show up to traffic court can get their license suspended due to failure to appear in traffic court. To avoid getting your license suspended, hire The Rosenblum Law Firm whose speeding ticket attorneys can represent you in traffic court and negotiate a reduction of the fines and points.

New York Driver Responsibility Assessment

With every moving violation (even repeated minor infractions) that you are convicted of, you can expect more points to be added to your license. If you get 6 or more points within an 18 month period, the DMV will fine you a surcharge known as the “Driver Responsibility Assessment.” For drivers with 6 points, the fine is $100 and it must be paid once a year to the DMV for 3 years. An additional $25 per year for three years will be added to the Driver Responsibility Assessment for every point over 6.

Taking A Driver’s Safety Class to Reduce the Points on Your New York License

Contrary to popular belief, taking a driver’s safety class in New York does not actually remove points from your driving record. This means your auto insurance company will still be able to see the points and increase your insurance rates accordingly.

What the driver’s safety class does is give you a credit of up to 4 points for tickets you have already received at the time you take the class, thereby expanding the total number of points you’re allowed to accumulate before your license gets suspended.

New York State allows for you to accumulate up to 11 points on your license before it will be suspended.  Consequently, if you receive a 6 point ticket and you take a driver’s safety class which gives you a 4 point credit, your point accumulation total will be reduced down to 2 points and you will need to accumulate 9 more points before your license will be suspended. However, you can only get credit for a driver safety class once every 18 months.

Hiring an Attorney to Fight Your Speeding Ticket

The Rosenblum Law Firm can represent you in any New York State court and fight your speeding violation, which will save you points and money on car insurance. In most cases, a speeding ticket lawyer from our firm can go to court for you so you can sit back and relax as we do all the work. For more information and a free consultation call us at 888-883-5529 or contact us.

What Results We Can Get For You

For the vast majority of traffic violations in New York State, we can reduce your speeding ticket to a non-moving violation such as a parking ticket or failure to obey a traffic control device.

Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)

The TVB is a special administrative court that has its own rules and procedures. Individuals who are charged with traffic tickets in New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo are required to report to the TVB for a trial if they plead not guilty. In the TVB there is no “plea bargain” process, so a traffic ticket attorney cannot go into court and negotiate a reduction of the charges with the prosecutor. Therefore, there are three main things we can do:

  • We can represent you in court, so you do not have to show up
  • We can push off the trial date, hope the police officer does not show up for 3 court appearances, and then make a motion for dismissal
  • We can make a motion to reduce the speed by 5 MPH on the grounds that the radar used to catch speeders is not completely accurate


How To Read Your Speeding Ticket


1) Section 1- The Defendant’s Information (top of ticket) 

These boxes display numerous identifying data about the defendant including name, address and information about the car being driven at the time of the stop.  Note: If the officer made a minor mistake in the section (e.g. the officer wrote down the wrong color of your car) you case will NOT be dismissed.

2)  Section 2 – The Charges -

The “Section Sub Section” box indicates which section of the law the defendant is being accused of violating. Below is a list of common New York traffic violations as well as the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law sections they fall under, the amount of points (if any) and the maximum fines and NYS surcharges attached to them. It also lists the location and officer’s information.

3) Section 3 – The Court -

This particular Section shows the name of the court and its address, along with a date and time for a response, either by postal mail or in person.

4) Section 4 – Plead Guilty

If you choose to plead “Guilty” to the charges, fill out this Section and mail it to the address of the court mentioned in Section 3. Important note: Many people think that if they plea guilty “with an explanation” there is a possibility that the court will consider their explanation and decide to find them not guilty. This is a big misunderstanding. Once you fill out this portion of the ticket and mail it in, the court will have no choice but to convict you of the offense. The only thing an explanation can do is potentially convince the judge to set a lower fine, but you will still be convicted of the charges and DMV will assess the appropriate penalties (including points, if applicable). You should also bear in mind that pleading guilty to certain offenses like “no insurance” can lead to mandatory driver’s license suspension or revocation

The only way to challenge the charges or get the charges reduced is to plead “not guilty” (see next Section). It is also a common belief that a person should plead “Guilty” if he or she knows that he was, in fact, guilty. It is important to keep two things in mind:

Under our legal system, it is the prosecution that has the burden of proof. It is every defendant’s right to plead “Not Guilty” and make them do their job which is to prove that you were guilty (or offer you a plea agreement for a reduced charge).

Entering an initial plea of “Not Guilty” does not mean that there is no going back. To the contrary, all it does is preserve your rights to a plea bargain or trial.

You can always change your plea to “Guilty” later on, and in most cases where a plea bargain is offered, you will be pleading guilty at some point, but to a less severe offense than the one you are being charged with.

5) Section 5 – Plead Not Guilty (recommended)

If you choose to plead “Not Guilty” fill out section 5. The Not Guilty section features a spot for you to request a supporting deposition. A supporting deposition is a written sworn statement detailing the traffic violation and it is signed by the law enforcement officer who issued the ticket. Remember, it is your Constitutional right to to plead “Not Guilty.” You can always change your plea later on, and if an acceptable plea bargain is offered, you will ultimately be pleading guilty to that reduced charge.

Case Law Analysis

New York case law reveals several crucial points to bear in mind as a driver.

First and foremost, a NY speeding ticket issued by a police officer who does not use a mechanical device like radar, and, instead estimates it will still be sufficient to convict a driver for speeding. (See People v. Olsen, 22 NY 2d 230.)

The court in Olsen explained its rationale by saying:

  • “The rule is well settled in this State that opinion evidence with regard to the speed of moving vehicles is admissible provided that the witness who testifies first shows some experience in observing the rate of speed of moving objects or some other satisfactory reason or basis for his opinion.” (See People v. Olsen, 22 NY 2d 230.)

Similarly, in People v. Dusing, the court summed up in one cogent statement a governing rule that applies to all drivers ticketed for speeding in New York. The court concluded,

  • “The sum of the combined Magri, Heyser and Marsellus holdings is: first, that a reading from an untested speedometer or radar device is admissible but is not[,] without more[,] sufficient for a speeding conviction; and, second, that the resulting deficiency in proof can be supplied by the testimony of qualified observers.” (See People v. Dusing, 5 NY 2d 126.)

It is worth noting that the Dusing court said “observers,” not “officers.” This means a police officer does not have to be the one to testify against you. In most cases, if the prosecution finds any “qualified observer” (e.g. another driver on the road who saw you), that person combined with the radar evidence will be enough to convict you of speeding.

Second of all, the fact that a speeding ticket is not a crime appears to cut both ways. Since speeding is usually not a crime, it does not carry with it the severity of most criminal penalties. However, since it is not usually a crime, “not all the constitutional protections normally afforded to criminal defendants need be applied to those charged with such a minor offense.” (See People v. Phinney, 22 NY 2d 288.)

Lastly, a driver might be in for a rude awakening if he expects to be able to compel the TVB to turn over pertinent documents to him. Although the TVB has the right to do so, New York law does not require it to do so.

In Matter of Miller v. Schwartz, an attorney requested certain documents and information regarding the type of radar that was used to pull over his client. The TVB denied the request and explained that traditional discovery rules do not apply in the TVB. The lawyer took the case to court to compel the TVB to give him the documents. However, the court sided with the TVB and denied the attorney’s request.

The Schwartz court based its conclusion on the well-settled rule that there is no general constitutional right to discovery in criminal cases or administrative proceedings (See Weatherford v Bursey, 429 US 545 and National Labor Relations Bd. v Interboro Contrs., 432 F.2d 854, cert. denied 402 US 915).

Ultimately, this ruling reveals how difficult it can be—even for an attorney—to navigate through the complicated TVB system. If nothing else, this case shows drivers who get TVB tickets the importance of hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney familiar with the TVB’s rules and procedures.

More Information regarding New York speeding tickets:


97 thoughts on “Speeding Tickets in New York State

  1. I received a traffic violation for disobeying a green arrow however there is no green arrow at the intersection that I was caught turning hence it should have read red arrow and there is no red arrow either but there is a posted sign with the symbol of no left turn that is on the street that I made a turn. my question is could this be thrown out on technicality being that no green arrow exists

    Dirk Jackson on
  2. i got a speeding ticket on Bloomfield , NJ on 12/27/14 , about 10:00PM .going 40mph on a 25mph zone with no signs on the street.
    the fine is $105 or go to court.what do you recomend?thanks

    mihal qirici on
  3. I just got a speeding ticket in NY. A 40 in a 30 the second part of the ticket say supporting deposition saying I said I believe I was doing about 42 or 43 what does this mean if I plead not guilty ?

    Kathleen on
  4. I received a speeding ticket in Bronx, NY. Officer “clocked” me at 80 on a 55 on I-95N (3rd lane). They were sending the information to my old address since September. I am a CT resident. What can we do ? What will my fines be?

    Josh on
    • John – you are facing a 6 point ticket, which will have a total fine due of $203.00. Additionally, you will have to pay $300.00 as a Driver Responsibility Assessment. While you are licensed in CT, the violation will transfer and will negatively impact your insurance rates. You should consider fighting these charges to help mitigate or avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  5. I recieved a speeding ticket 72 in a 55. The violation was written as speed not speeding and The officer misspelled the city in my address. also he wrote for the location the wrong location. It was dark out and I was surrounded by like vehicles so I was mistaken. Do I have a case againt his judgment for the info on the ticket being wrong, and can I question what radar was used and proof if the officer calibrated it?

    Jesus Olivieri on
  6. I got speeding ticket for first time and it is in Hammond court in NY, they said i was 45 in 30 speed zone. what will the point and fine in this case

    rashmi on
  7. Hi. I got pulled over on the NYS thruway in Eden about a month ago for going 80/65. I was in the fast lane passing a car in the right lane and he pulled me over. My dad also works for the state and always told me not to bother slowing down when I see a cop because they already have me clocked in, so I never slowed down any. What should I do?

    Jalisa Gonzalez on
  8. I got a speeding ticket in new york state about 3 years ago – I paid it and had to do the drivers responsibily assessment – I have an ontario license. If I only paid $100 for the responsibily program – am I still able to drive in NY state? I did not get a confirmation that payment was received or if I owed anything more???? I need to travel again in NY State but how do I confirm that I can legally drive in that state??

    Niki on
    • The driver responsibility assessment is at a minimum of $300 over 3 years. You should call the DMV to determine how best to bring your payments up to date and assure your license is in good standing.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  9. Hi – I received a speeding ticket: 68 in 50 zone. The ticket says Section: 1180D. Description says Speed In Zone. Not sure what speed in zone means as the fine schedule has Speeding, Speeding in School zone and Speeding in Work Zone.
    How much is this ticket? Points? Can this ticket be fought? What is the most probably outcome?


    Dennis on
    • Dennis – you are facing a 4 point ticket, with fines ranging from $203 – $393, depending on the court. This is not a school zone or work zone ticket, although the language of the offense does imply as such. This ticket can be fought, although predicting an outcome would require more information.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  10. I received a ticket for 50 in 30 in Manhattan last summer. The stated fine is $203. Could I end up paying more than that after being found guilty at my hearing (South Manhattan)? I was able to push back the hearing date until this summer – more than a full year after the offence. Thank you.

    Tom on
  11. I got a ticket for 1225D use of a portable electronice device while operating a motor vehicle. I know there are 6 points associated with this ticket but I have a PA license so I don’t think it will effect my insurance, however I drive in NY daily and if there is a way to plea this down I would probably be better off doing so. Any advice?

    Kelly on
    • Kelly – your ability to obtain a reduced charge for this 5 point ticket depends on which court is handling this matter. In order to provide you with more information, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  12. hi,
    i received a speeding ticket on I87 north clocked at 92 in 65 zone today in ausable (clinton county.) the officer said i could file a “reduce traffic infraction” application with clinton county DAs office. i have a clean NYS driving record – this was my first offense. what are my choices? fines/fees and/or penalties? thanks!

    doug on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which entails fines of $393, a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300 over 3 years, and a potentially significant impact on your insurance rates. Your clean driving record does help. I suggest you consider fighting this ticket to avoid these significant penalties.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  13. Received a ticket for 86 in a 65 zone in Peru New York. No prior tickets or moving violations. Do not live close enough to the area to appear in court.

    Adam on
  14. Hi, today I received a ticket for going 63 mph in a 45 mph zone on highway No. 781 (right before you approach the main gate of Fort Drum). I have a clean driving record as this is my first offense. I thought I was still in 55 mph zone at the time of the ticket. Should I fight this and plead not guilty or plead guilty and pay the fine?

    Darian on
    • This is a 4 point ticket which carries a maximum fine of $300, along with court fees of $93. Additionally, this will impact your insurance rates. You should therefore consider fighting this ticket to mitigate the damages.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  15. I was ticketed for going 44 in a 30 mph. This happened in Brooklyn 65th street which is one of the major corridors.

    On the ticket, the officer left the “Radar operator name” field blank. Would this be a valid defense?

    Given that I have a clean driving record, is bargaining at the court hearing possible for a lesser charge, such as disobeying a posted speed sign?


    Daniel on
  16. I got a speeding ticket for going 85 in a 55 but I wasn’t paying attention to the speed because I was keeping up with traffic. I already have some points on my license from a few years ago. I just can’t afford to have my license suspended. Is there anything I can do?

    ash on
  17. HEY,

  18. Hi …i have got pull over in high way i was driving 80 in 65 in newyork so and police officer gave me latter that I should mail it and when they received that they will send me ticket but still yet i have not send it and i even missed the court date ..So what will happened next ..

    Madhap on
  19. I received a speeding ticket on the LIE in Suffolk County, NY. The posted speed limit is 55mph. I was clocked at 83mph with a Tru-speed Laser. This is my first ticket in this jurisdiction. I have plead not guilty and have a court date scheduled for March 24 in Hauppauge, NY at the TVB. I am currently a NYPD candidate and have a prior speeding ticket in 2009. Any possibility of getting this reduced to avoid any points or possible employment?

    Rob on
    • Rob – the TVB court is a trial court – with no possibility of plea bargaining. In order to avoid points, you must prove your case at trial. Because of your future employment aspirations, I suggest you contact us for further detail.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  20. I got a speeding ticket for 61 in a 30 but at the time my spadomitor was broke so I wasn’t aware of how fast I was going. I got it fixed after and have the receipt. I went to court and they told me I have to come back for a conference what does that mean. Also I happend to get 2 speeding tickets in the same month at least 1 year ago but am not sure if it has been 18 months since

    brandon on
  21. In August of 2014 i received a speeding ticket on the Grand central parkway at 4:15am going 77 in a 50. The actual ticket is labeled at an 1180D but when i requested a copy online from the TVB it states that I’m in violation of 1180D(2). What can i expect? Is there anything i can do? Is it possible to fight this? (I have postponed this ticket once already till August 2015)

    Robert Leonard on
  22. I received a speeding ticket for doing 97 in a 65 in the county of chemung NY on hwy. no. 86 on 03/08/2015 at 3:35 pm I was unaware of how fast I was going should I plead guilty or no guilty, what charges am I facing should I fight it?

    Zachary on
    • You are facing an 8 point ticket, which carries fines of $600, court fees of $93, and a drive responsibility assessment of $450. This ticket will also impact your insurance rates. You should consider fighting this ticket to avoid or mitigate these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  23. Hi,
    I have received speeding ticket with supporting deposition. 92 in 65 zone. Can I do ” Plea of not guilty”. Please advise. I have Ontatio Lic.
    I told officer that I was bit over, however when I realize her I reduce speed. By means on posted speed.
    She wrote “I didn’t realize, then when I did i slowed down”.

    G Bhatt on
  24. I got a speeding ticket in hemosty in nassau Hempstead doing 103 on a 55 , what is the fine and points can I fight it reduce it ? First ticket help

    Robert on
  25. I got a speeding ticket on my way home 66 in a 40 with laser. It say TVB City of rochester… Should i plea not guilty or just pay the fine? what would the points and fine be?

    Dave on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which carries fines of $203, driver responsibility assessment of $300 over 3 years, and a significant insurance impact. You should fight your ticket to avoid these consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  26. I got a speeding ticket in Yorktown NY, the officer states I was going 99 in a 55 zone, how much would I have to pay and points

    Kim J on
    • Kim – you are facing significant consequences, including fines of approximately $600, a driver responsibility assessment fee of $670, substantial increases in your insurance rates, and license suspension. Because of the severity of these consequences, I strongly advise you to contact us for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  27. Hi! I got a ticket doing 77 on the palisades parkway, in the 50 mph zone. I’m in the market for an attorney, would you be able to send me an email at eyampel@gmail.com with information such as what you can hope to accomplish, an estimate for your legal fee, as well as help navigate me through this experience for the first time? Thanks

    Eli on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will have fines ranging from $203 – $393. Additionally, the driver responsibility assessment would also apply. This assessment would total $300 over the course of 3 years for 6 points.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  28. I was in Eden, NY yesterday at night, an unfamiliar area to me, and turned onto a rd that didn’t immediately have a speed sign. Half way down it did, 30 mph, but the man in front of me was going about 45 so I did as well. I saw the police officer and slowed, he pulled around behind me, by then I had slowed all the way to 30, and then he flashed his lights and pulled me over. Should I fight even though I know I was doing something wrong? If so, how?

    Madison on
  29. I just got pulled over for going 60 in a 35 zone in Cheektowaga, NY. Should I plead guilty or not guilty. It is my first ticket. The officer said it was a 6 point violation. What should I do?

    Scott on
  30. I was pulled over July 2014 in Brooklyn for doing 56 mph in a 35 mph zone. My hearing date is July 2015. I know that this is a 6 point ticket. I also know that NYC has no plea bargaining so my question is this–hiring your firm would help me in what way?

    mike on
    • Mike – we are able to bring this matter to trial for you, cross examine the officer, take testimony, and fight for a dismissal on your behalf. As experienced attorneys, we are confident in our ability to provide you with stellar legal representation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
    • Hi I have 2 questions, my first is I got a speeding ticket saying I went 70mph/50mph on the Bronx river pkwy on the third lane. I know for a fact I wasn’t going 70 because I was doing 45mph which is the actual speed limit on the Bronx river not 50mph. No way a radar can catch you doing an exact 70 . My second question is if an officer writes the wrong color of vehicle on the ticket and doesn’t complete your ticket with the right address can it be dismissed?

      Ivan on
      • An error such as you are describing will not invalidate a ticket. While we do not know what the officer clocked you at, keep in mind that 21 mph over is a 6 point ticket, and 20 mph is a 4 point ticket. You may contact us if you are interested in fighting this ticket.

        Adam Rosenblum on
  31. Just received a speeding ticket 78 on a 65 miles per Hour on Interstate 86 East Bound. I have a PA license, never gotten any tickets in NY. Have not received any speeding tickets in over 10 years. I am a 63 year Old disable Veteran and I must of got distracted for a short time, I do not speed. The court is in Stow, NY. I find the fee of 300.00 an insult and feel it was a trap speeding zone. What can you do for me and hgggow much will it cost I have very limited funds, thank you.

    Gary F. Lettman on
    • We can fight this ticket on your behalf, and assist you in eliminating / mitigating the fines, penalties, and insurance impact this ticket will have. You may contact us for a free consultation for further information specific to your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  32. Hello, today I was driving down Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst, NY and was stopped at a red light. The vehicle in front of me was too tall to see over so when he let off his brakes I also did assuming the light was green but it was not. I struck the rear of his vehicle and a policeman was summoned. I received a ticket for an 1180A “Speed not reasonable and prudent”. However my license was also expired for less than 60 Days so i got 2 tickets, the 1180A and an 5091 “unlicensed operator” ticket. What should I do and what kind of fees would I be looking at?

    Evan on
    • Evan – the fines for an 1180(a) are $150 maximum fine, and $93 court fee. The unlicensed operator ticket will cost $300, along with a $93 court fee. In addition to these penalties, you will likely face an insurance increase. I therefore suggest you fight these tickets and avoid the associated consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  33. Hi I just got a ticket for 67 in a 45 on highway 17. It was a work zone but he only gave me a ticket for 1180d. Idk if I should plead guilty or not guilty? Its my first ticket ever. Plus I was wondering if I would have to go to trail if I plead not guilty or if they would do a plea over the phone?

    scott on
    • Scott – you are facing a 6 point ticket, which carries fines of $393 and a DRA assessment of $300. If you plead not guilty – you will generally need to go to court to handle the trial. As an attorney, I am able to appear on your behalf.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  34. Got pulled over doing a 72 in a 45. Officer never issued a ticket not gave a citation. Just a warning. Drove off and left where I pulled over. 2 mths later I receive a summons stating I never took care of speeding ticket and that I was nearing a suspension of license. No speeding ticket yet one was on record. I plead not guilty and am awaiting another court appearance in July. And advice on how to handle situation?

    Rissa on
    • You are facing a 6 point ticket, which will result in fines of approximately $393, and a driver responsibility assessment charge of $300. It appears as if the officer gave you a ticket at the time of the incident, but never advised you of such. I suggest fighting the ticket to avoid the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  35. I just received a ticket this morning on State Route 55 in the Town of Poughkeepsie at 10:52 this morning going 60 in a 45 MPH Zone. We live in Long Island and was wondering what to do. The ticket was coded section 1180D. We were visiting the Franklin Roosevelt’s Home and Presidential Library (great day for the most part).

    Daniel on
    • This is a 4 point ticket which carries a total fine of $393, along with an impact on your insurance rates. It is therefore suggested you fight this ticket to avoid / mitigate the consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  36. Hi, I got a ticket in Rockland NY for 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. I am a California licensed driver and this is my fist ticket. How will the points be reflected on my driver’s license and is there any way to have the points removed? Thanks

    Brandon on
    • The violation for this 4 point ticket will transfer. Thus, your insurance rates will likely be impacted. In order to have these points removed, you must plead not guilty and seek a reduction / dismissal at trial.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  37. I received a speeding ticket Monday night on my way into the Midtown tunnel (coming down the ramp. It says 74 mph, but the box next to it (In MPH Zone) is blank. I’m not sure what the speed limit is there. How do I proceed if I want to fight it?

    Jill on
    • If you want to fight this ticket, you need to plead not guilty. You will then get a court date for your trial. Please be advised – there is no plea bargaining in this court system. Many people hire legal representation to aid them in these matters.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  38. I received a speeding ticket on West Shore Expressway, 75 in 50. Honestly thought the speed limit was 55. I was in the left lane passing cars in right lane.

    Kerri on

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