Cell Phone Ticket in New York

by Adam Rosenblum

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How to Fight a Cell Phone Ticket in New York

One of the most common questions we get is how to fight a New York cell phone ticket. This is a multi-faceted answer that depends on the circumstances of your case. There are two basic ways to handle a New York cell phone ticket: at trial, or via a plea bargain settlement. In general, if a cell phone ticket can be negotiated down to a 0-point parking ticket, we would advise our client to take it. Though a fine of up to $150 will be assessed, it is a small price to pay to prevent points from accruing on the person’s driving record.

How to Beat a Cell Phone Ticket in New York

There are a few ways you can beat a New York cell phone ticket: Taking the ticket to trial and being found “not guilty” by the judge via a motion to dismiss (if there are certain errors that make the ticket legally defective or insufficient, for example) If you schedule it for trial and the officer doesn’t show and the judge decides to dismiss the case for lack of prosecution.

ebookThe first way can be a real long shot because if the facts are in dispute and especially if it’s your word against the officer’s word, most of the time the judge will accept the officer’s word over yours (after all, you are a little biased, aren’t you?).

The second way can be very effective, but only under the right circumstances (after all, most tickets are accurately written or contain minor defects that don’t render the ticket invalid).

The third way is a long shot because even if the officer fails to show, the judge can, and most likely will, reschedule the trial. Contrary to popular belief, there is no rule, law, or policy that requires a judge to dismiss a ticket simply because the officer fails to show up for trial. A judge is free to reschedule the trial at will. These reasons serve to reinforce our general belief that if a reduction to a 0-point offense can be negotiated, that is the best option.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 1225-c and 1225-d

New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) contains two distinct laws related to use of portable electronic devices while driving:

  • VTL 1225-c Use of Mobile Telephone
  • VTL 1225-d Use of Portable Electronic Devices (includes texting while driving)

Remember, a VTL 1225(c) ticket is entirely different than a VTL 1225(d) ticket. 1225(c) is a cell phone ticket (“c” for cell) while 1225(d) is an electronic device ticket (“d” for device).

If you received a 1225(c) ticket, the officer is alleging that you were actually engaged in a call at the time he observed you. For 1225(d) tickets, it is irrelevant whether you were engaged in a call or not. If you were texting or using an app, you can be given a 1225(d) ticket.

What many people don’t realize is that a 1225(d) ticket can also be given for devices other than phones. A GPS, MP3 player, camera, or other hand-held electronic device also counts under the 1225(d) law.

New York State Resident With a Cell Phone Conviction in New York

If you hold a New York State driver’s license and were to be convicted of driving while using a cell phone or texting while driving, NY DMV will add 5 points to your driver’s license. As you already know, points on your license can lead to increased auto insurance and ultimately to a license suspension if you accrue 11 points within 18 months. What you may not know is that you can fight your cell phone ticket – and beat it, or get it reduced.

Out-Of-State Resident With a Cell Phone Conviction in New York

Even if you do not live in New York State, New York will create a driving record based on your name, date of birth, and mailing address and points for violations that you have been convicted of in New York will add up. If you get 11 points in New York State within 18 months, you will lose your right to drive in New York State regardless of whether you hold a New York license or a driver’s license from another state. Not only that, chances are a cell phone ticket conviction in New York will appear on your home state’s driver’s license. If your home state assesses points like New York does, points will accrue and you can be looking at an auto insurance hike and a license suspension if you accrue enough points. Click here for more information regarding out-of-state residents.

Traffic Violations Defense

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Note: New York increased the penalties for cell phone tickets to 5 points as of 6/2013.

138 thoughts on “Cell Phone Ticket in New York

  1. i received a ticket on 10/10/14 in new york for “cell phone while vehicle in motion” .
    I think it carries 5 points on my drivers licence. can i fight this ticket
    and reduce these points from my licence?

    frank hollman on
    • Frank,

      Yes, you can always fight a traffic ticket that an officer issues to you, and we can help you do it, saving you time and money. You are correct that a cell phone ticket carries five points and that if you are convicted those points will accrue on your license. This violation can also cause heavy insurance increases because to an insurer it means you are a “riskier” driver. Give us a call for a free consultation at 888-883-5529 to discuss your ticket, your options, and how we can help you.

      Adam Rosenblum on
    • I got a cell phone ticket while my phone was on speaker in my hand , no way close to my fface.can you prevent me from getting the points that comes with the ticket

      Andrew Charles on
      • Assuming you have no prior cell phone violations in NJ, points will not be added to your license for this. However, this ticket might impact your insurance rates. As the treatment of cell phone tickets by NJ is rather complex, I suggest you contact us to discuss in further detail.

        Adam Rosenblum on

    • Jeannine,

      Yes unfortunately the officer can issue a 1225(d) ticket based on his observation of a motorist using any handheld device, not just a cell phone. The way to avoid the 1225(d) ticket is by attaching the device to your vehicle (e.g. on your dash or your windshield) and program it before you drive. In any event, all hope is not lost because we can still fight your ticket. Call us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529 to discuss your options further.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  3. My husband has always had a clean driving record and took a call when his step father was in the hospital he sent the ticket in and plead guilty I thought he should fight it and has not received the fine yet I told him we should call traffic court avd say he made a mistake but he feels he will not win because he did answer the phone for a emergency and he got the ticket on his 48th birthday that doesn’t matter any advice you have for me ?

    Gloria on
    • Gloria,

      If your husband plead guilty to the offense, and the guilty plea has not been entered into the court’s system, then there is a chance that you can reverse the guilty plea. If they will allow you to reverse the guilty plea, then we can fight his ticket which will mitigate his expenses and the negative insurance consequences that will flow from the guilty plea. If the court will not allow you to reverse the guilty plea then we may still be able to help, depending upon which court he is dealing with. In order to better assist you, you should contact our office immediately to discuss this matter further and how we can help.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  4. I recieved a cell phone ticket and wasn’t talking on phone. it wase in October and I am from NH I was holding phone in lap and then pressing button for Siri to tell it to send message to someone. is that Permissible. There isn’t a cell phone law in effect in NH yet will I still get points attached if found quilty. I am going to fight it

    Anne Anne Anne Parkhurst on
    • Hi Anne,

      There are two types of cell phone tickets that you can receive in NY. If you received the device ticket (your ticket would say that you violated subsection 1225(d) of the VTL) then unfortunately you do not need to be engaged in a phone call at the time that the officer issues you the citation. He can issue the citation if you are holding the device and it is not attached to your car. It is still a good idea to fight your ticket however because even if NH does not have an equivalent violation with points attached, if you are convicted of this offense in NY, NY will report the conviction to NH and the violation will appear on your driving record. The violation appearing on your driving record is what will cause an insurance hike. Also you should be aware that a cell phone ticket may transfer as a “careless driving” offense depending on the jurisdiction. You can call our office at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you fight the ticket.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  5. I received a summons for a Cell phone device in my hand while my vehicle was standing still, can we fight this ticket and will such a summons have points on my license? Can we plea for no points and just the summons if so how?

    Charles Wechsler on
    • Hi Charles,

      Unfortunately you can receive a ticket for holding the cell phone in your hand while your car is not moving, so long as the car is in operation with your keys in the ignition. On the bright side, we can still fight your ticket. Whether we can plea bargain to reduce your points depends on which court your ticket is being handled out of. Certain courts do not allow plea bargaining, and in those courts it is a trial type process to dispute your ticket. Having a skilled attorney who has trial experience is definitely a plus and the most probable way you will have your ticket dismissed if you are in one of these courts.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  6. I received a mobile phone ticket coming out of a parking lot while in a commercial vehicle the ticket does not state I was in commercial vehicle just o/v on mobe phone am fighting it have a spotless record could this get plea bargained to parking ticket with no points

    John brown on
    • Hi John,

      It depends on where you received the cell phone ticket regarding whether you can get the violation reduced through a plea bargain. If you received the ticket in one of the five boroughs of NYC or in Rochester or Buffalo, you are dealing with the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). In the TVB there is no prosecutor with whom you can negotiate a plea deal. The TVB court is a trial type process and requires an actual trial to get your ticket dismissed. As you probably are already aware, taking the conviction means expensive consequences and points. Having an experienced traffic attorney handle your case is the best way to achieve a dismissal of your ticket and avoid the expensive consequences.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  7. received a cell phone ticket while I was using it as a gps. It was sitting on my lap and not being held in my hand (just holding it in place). I wasn’t pressing anything just glancing down at it. what would be the best course of action in fighting it?

    Kevin on
    • Kevin – You are likely facing the violation of Use of Portable Electronic Device. The fines for this violation depend upon which court is handling your case, although this is a 5 point ticket no matter where your case will be heard. This ticket has a significant impact on your insurance, and I strongly suggest you plead not guilty.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  8. I was issued a ticket for improper use of a cellphone. I explained to the officer that i was not using my phone that i was using a device w/ a speaker. He told me it did not matter because i touched my phone.

    Aziz on
  9. Hi I got a 1225c ticket I want to know if its possible to fight this ticket even doe my phone was no near my ear and its Bluetooth to my car once I’m in the car plus the I’d number the officer wrote on the ticket has one number different then my I’d. Can this ticket be dropped?

    ricardo on
  10. My husband got a ticket for using his cell phone in NYC while stopped at an intersection or light. He was on a work delivery, in a work truck. He has a CDL. The ticket SPECIFICALLY says he was on his cell phone, which he states he was merely adjusting the GPS on the dash (not to read it but to just adjust it). Is there any way we can argue this. From what I’ve read, CDL drivers are held to a higher standard, which I understand; however, we are worried about the implications on his CDL, his insurance, etc with his company, especially for something he was not doing. Could we fight the technicality of the GPS and the ticket SPECIFYING cell phone? I was told specifically something about only a certain class of officers can write these tickets or some nonsense? We received a notice for a hearing, but cant verify when that is because the TVB will not answer their phone (we moved and the notice got misplaced). Thoughts?

    Angela on
      • Adam, apologies for this taking forever to respond. I finally found the ticket. The Violation says “1225D1 and the description says “use of electronic device while in motion. (texting on cell phone)”.

        As stated in my previous response, my husband has a CDL. He was not on his cell phone. He said all he can think of is he was adjusting the GPS, but definitely not using his cell, as records can prove.

        Angela on
        • Angela – 1225D penalizes drivers who improperly ‘use’ an electronic portable device. Thus, the statute is written in a very broad manner, to encompass a litany of actions. I suggest you contact us to discuss further. This is especially relevant in your situation, as your husband is a CDL driver.

          Adam Rosenblum on
  11. I received a summons for 1225c2a in nyc earlier today. The issue I have is that I wasn’t on the phone nor did I have it up to my ear as stated in the vtl. The description on the ticket also states “unauthorized use of handheld electronic device” which applies to 1225d. I have cellphone records to back up my claim. should I plead not guilty?

    chris sakellaris on
  12. I received a 1225c in queens NY. The officer said I was on my phone and it was near my ear but neither of those things were true. My work phone records will indicate I was not on my phone at the time the ticket was written. I was also in a commercial vehicle. I want to plead not guilty but I don’t know how to prove it at the trial.

    Eric on
  13. Received a ticket for having device on for GPS while in motion. I’m not NY resident and am out of state. Officer said citation will not be detrimental to points on my license and that I just need to pay the fine. Is it worth fighting this? How do I confirm points will not be added? What do the points mean for me? From Texas. What happens if I don’t pay fine and how can I fight being out of state?


    Adam on
    • This ticket carries with it 5 points, $138 fine, and a significant impact on your insurance. You need to contact your home state’s DMV to determine how many points will transfer there. If you retain an attorney, you do not need to appear in court.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  14. Besides the price for the cell phone ticket do I have to go and pay the DMV an additional amount of 450.00 someone had told me this and I would just like to find out if it is true

    Anthony on
  15. I am completely devasted over getting a cell phone use ticket, 1225d. I cannot afford the fine fee or an increase in my my car insurance. I not trying to make an excuse for my actions. It was just one of those days of running late. My daughter called to ask if I would be home in time to bring her to work. I answered angrily telling her Im running late but I will get her there in time. It was quick phone call,yet stupid for me to answer. I try so hard to get my 3 children where they have to be. The stress of thst itself is overwhelming, now I have this ticket. Any advice on how not to get points and a reduced fine. Thanks

    carol on
  16. receive a cell phone ticket 1225c2a in queens of NY, but he listed on the ticket a car that I wasn’t driving because i mistakenly give him a wrong registration, Can i fight this. I have 15 days to mail in the ticket. Should i do that or give it to first to do a plea bargain. first violation, no points.

    Bert on
  17. while on my way to Winthrop hospital in MIneola New York I was on the Wantagh Parkway. My cell phone rang and I panicked because I was expecting a call from the hospital stating my husband may need a blood transfusion, but it was my step daughter inquiring about her father. A state trooper pulled me over because I picked up the phone and also got me for no seat belt which I always wear. I realize I was wrong and was going to plead quilty and pay the fine, till I found this sight

    Patty on
  18. I recieved a ticket in Nassau NY last night, i was driving 50 miles away from my hometown to Hindsdale, MA.. Anywho It was a VT:-1225(d) using a device ( texting), however I dont have a cell phone mount and and was adiment that i was using my GPS since i was unfamiliar wih the area. How low( if not dismissed) can i get this reduced or what are the success rates in this? This the first time ive ever considered getting a lawyer for a ticket.

    Joshua Goldberg on
    • Joshua – these violations do not require the use of an actual cell phone. They are 5 point tickets, and can significantly impact insurance rates. The potential outcome can range between an complete dismissal, or a charge for a lesser offense.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  19. I received a 1225c2a ticket in Far Rockaway, Queens tonight. I was using my speakerphone with the phone in my lap and only had the phone in my hand in order to hang up. Based on my interpretation of the law, this is permissible and I explained this to the officer. He simply stated, “But you can’t hold the phone in your hand.” My question is do I have a legitimate enough defense to even fight this ticket, or at the very least have it reduced in points.

    Kareem on
    • Yes, you do. There are two types of cell phone tickets – one is for speaking on the phone, and one is for using an electronic portable device. Please contact us so we may better advise you of your rights.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  20. Today I received a 1225c2a ticket in NYC, the phone was in my left hand bc it slipped out of my coat pocket, no phone was no in use. Officer states in NYS holding a cellphone in hand they can presume it was being used. Based on my phone and text records there are no phone calls or texts from my part at the time of the “offense” do you think I can fight this ticket?

    Olady V. on
    • Olady – You can fight this 5 point ticket using the information provided. I suggest you plead not guilty as this violation carries with it 5 points and a significant insurance impact.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  21. I received a ticket 1225c2a officer said he pulled me over for using my cell but I told him I was on the phone but it was threw my Bluetooth with comes threw my radio. Went to court today and decided to go to trial. I can’t afford a lawyer and the so I was wondering what to do. The said they would give me 2 points and drop the other ticket I had for no regiatration it must of passed I. The mail due to plow knocking mailbox down but I made sure to get it done that day. Anyways I decided to go to trail because I was not on my cell. What do I do?

    Brittiany on
  22. Can a university cop give a cell phone ticket if he is not on campus, he was sitting near a state highway away from campus.

    Rose on
  23. I received a 1225d ticket on April 9,2015. It says nothing about how much or points. I was just holding the phone in my left hand that had a braces on it because it was going to fall and I didn’t want it to break. What is my best defense about getting this dismissed.

    Bonnie on
      • I received the summons for my ticket. It only has a price on it. Does this mean that there are no points associated with this ticket. The court that is handling it is the court in Hempstead, NY

        Bonnie on
  24. I understand that if you hold a phone to your ear there is a presumption that you were talking.
    Is there a presumption that the object was a cellphone?
    Does the officer have to identify it as such?
    If he did not ask to see it,cannot identify the make,did not turn it on to determine if it was operational,will the court rule favourably on a motion to dismiss?

    michael on
    • How I believe the judge will view this is as follows – if you were pulled over, then the officer believed it was a phone (or other impermissible device). If he did not believe it was improper, then there would have been no reason to pull you over in the first place. The only question that would remain is whether there was some reason for them to realize it was not an improper device before the ticket was given.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  25. I received a 1225d ticket early April for using an electronic portable device while car is in motion. This ticket was administered in the NYC district, unrelated to Suffolk or Nassau County. Do plea bargaining rules still apply here? I can’t find any substantial information that tells me I can just show up and dispute the ticket for lower points. There are three courts that handle this ticket, one of which is the Queens, NY court, which is the one I will most likely want to go to. Can I plea bargain this ticket if its NYC district?

    Nick Valoroso on
    • If the violation occurred in NYC – it will be governed by the traffic violations bureau – you will see those words listed on the ticket. There is no plea bargaining in this court system.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  26. Hi, I received a ticket for holding my phone while looking a GPS. I was actually going to put my phone in my cup holder but the PO saw me. I regret telling him that I was looking at GPS. I should not have said anything because he noted that on the ticket. If he had put I was texting I would have been able to beat the ticket. However, I realized he wrote the wrong registration expiration date on the my ticket. Can I get the ticket dismissed for being legally defective?

    Racquel Williams on
  27. in far rockaway new york,i received a cell phone ticket. i spent 5 months in florida where a cell phone can be held. i simply forgot about ny law.
    i dont care about the fine its the points that i want removed. what r my chances. i am a 76 year old woman.

    roberta on
  28. Hi, I received a traffic ticket on 4/13/15 for violation of 1225(d)(1), while driving in Brooklyn. Is there any point in fighting this, given that, as I understand it, there’s no plea bargaining in NYC traffic courts, and there is a presumption that I was using the device?

    MM on
  29. Recently got a cell phone ticket when I got pulled over officer said I saw u on cell phone …. There was no visible cell anywhere in car when pulled over was in my purse! Told cop I picked the phone up n put it down! Heard it ringing n put down! Then she said that she thought my brake light was out… I stepped on it she said no ur good n then gave me a cell ticket c any way to fight it don’t want insurance going up n high fines! Any help?

    Danielle on
  30. i received a ticket for improper cellphone use back in June 2014. I pleased “Not Guilty.” I had a hearing for April of 2015. Now they rescheduled for April 2016. Why does this happen?

    Brenda Buono on
  31. I have a Quebec driver’s licence and was driving in brooklyn when my phone rang – I answered on my car bluetooth but then pulled over to a parking spot to speak on my handheld. In any case cop came up behind me and ticketed me. On the actual ticket – the only thing that is correct is my name and date of birth. The address I have never heard of and he did not write my License #. Even if I plead not guilty, I have no idea who they will mail any correspondence to. There is an ID number that he wrote that is completely made up. I think he could not figure out how to read my License (which is in French) Do I have to pay this ticket?

    sandra on
  32. I was going about 5 miles per hour to a red light. I had my cell phone in my right hand not up against my ear, with the speaker on, the cop stopped me and ticketed me. He said it was a distraction. I was almost stopped. I really do not want points on my license as I have a very good driving record. Is there anything I can do

    Jim on
  33. I received a cellphone ticket on 5/12, details just appeared online as of 6/3. I would like to avoid geting points on my driving record.

    Theresa Wright on
  34. They gave me to 2 violation for cellphone he said i was texting but i was only holding a clipboard i printed my cellphone record and no call or text showing at that time can i still fight it? is 10 point

    Lantigua on
    • Lantigua – because of the serious consequences of these tickets, I strongly suggest you contact us to discuss your case. You may reach us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  35. Do you get points for a 1225-d ticket? I was pulled over and the officer said show him my call log and texts and it proved I wasn’t texting or on the phone so he just gave me a ticket for me having the phone in my hand. Would I be able to go to court and fight it?

    Crystal on
    • 1225-d is a 5 point ticket. This is a ticket for improperly using an electronic portable device – not necessarily speaking / texting. Therefore, call logs would not be relevant. You are able to fight this ticket and attempt to avoid the consequences. The procedure for handling such a case depend on which court has jurisdiction over your case.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  36. I recently graduated school in Ohio, I have a Ohio drivers license and i recently got a ticket for talking on the phone while driving in NY while visiting my parents at home. The only issue is because I had a Ohio drivers license and I was driving my parents NY registered vehicle the officer may have gotten confused while writing my ticket (he imputed my address from NY, wrong license number from previous NY license and wrong license class (class D when my license is class A)). I will soon be moving to MI for work and may be changing my license to that state before my court date. Should I fight the ticket on grounds that the license information on the ticket is incorrect?

    Bryan on
  37. I received a cellphone ticket a few days ago, but the truth is that I didn’t use the cellphone, but i had a (Small speaker) Bluetooth device connected with my cell via Bluetooth which is not the small one that you put in your ear, since I couldn’t hear I put the device near to my ear. The cop behind me thought that it was a cell phone since that device is as a cellphone size, and give me a ticket for cellphone use. Can I fight this ticket, because as we speak I didn’t reply yet. And the most important is that in 13 years that I am driving in New York area I never had any violations. I am very responsible driver.

    Thank You

    HIm Ara on
  38. Hi, I received a 1225c2a ticket for talking on my cell phone. When I came up to an intersection to turn right, I had it in my hand and looked directly at the police officer, and of course he pulled me over. This is my first offense in several years, speeding or otherwise. I’m choosing to go to court (in Oswego, NY) to fight it this week. Any helpful hints on what I can say to reduce the points and/or fine? Should I please not guilty or no contest?

    Stephanie on
  39. I recieved a citation for speaking on the cellphone while driving. It is a 1225-c. The officer said he did not give me any points since I am not a NYS resident. Do I have to go down to court for this? or do i just pay it? I am not sure what to do as this is a first.

    ahuva on
    • Ahuva – you are facing a 5 point ticket for this violation. The fact that you are an out of state resident has no bearing on how many points NY will assess. I strongly suggest you do not simply pay this ticket, as the consequences can be severe.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  40. I got a 1225c ticket recently. The officer noted on the ticket I was “holding a cell phone in her right hand in front of her face” and my response is also listed on the ticket “I had it on speaker and I didn’t put it down” I have a blue tooth device, as well as a phone mount on my dash, but the blue tooth was currently not working. Even though the officer has it noted that I admitted my offense, is there still a way to fight it? i.e, Mention that having a blue tooth hookup shows that I am usually covered but I just hadn’t fixed it yet/ that I just was making the call and had not yet had the chance to place my phone on the mount that I do have and normally use? Or is there really no way to fight it because he has that comment of mine admitting guilt. And if one wanted to try to reduce it, is that done by pleading not guilty and then they give you a court date and you basically just talk to the judge about your explanation? its been a while since I’ve had a moving violation so I’m having trouble remembering. Thank you!

    Jessica on
  41. Device ticket in Broome county Cell was plugged in charging. Picked it up to check. Not talking or texting. Florida driver. FL does not have cell talking law. If I plead guilty will points go on my record. ? Trooper told me FL had same law as NY
    When I disagreed he got mad andwrote the ticket.

    john weatherell on
    • There are two types of cell phone tickets you can receive in NY. If you received the device ticket (VTL subsection 1225(d)) you do not need to be engaged in a phone call as long as you are holding the device at the time that the officer issues you the citation. It is still a good idea to plead not guilty. Even if FL does not have an equivalent violation with points attached, if you are convicted of this offense in NY, NY will report the conviction to FL and the violation will appear on your driving record, causing an insurance increase. Please contact us as at 888-883-5529 to discuss your options.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  42. I’m an attorney practicing in Mineola, NY. My son in law received a 1225 (c) 2A summons for using his cell phone. It is returnable in the Bronx at 696 East Fordham Road. Is this a hearing office that will permit plea bargaining and if yes, how much would you charge to handle the appearance?

    Leonard Rodney on
  43. I was talking to my wife on the phone but the phone was on speaker I never had the phone in my hand but the cops saw me talking since I was by myself assuming I was on the phone and stopped me. I explained to him that the phone was not in my hand. She took my license, registration and insurance to check, 2 minutes later came back with a blank ticket and told me I was on the phone . How do I get this ticket dismiss?

    Daniel on
  44. Hey today i got a volation for using cellphone while driving but i was just connecting the bluetooth of.my car to my cell it is a first time the i get this is a way the o can beat the point i dont care about paying the volation

    pedro salvador on
  45. hi Adam,
    i got a 1229c3a in brooklyn, no dirver seat belt. i am a NJ resident, 1st ticket. should i just pay the fine or does it carry points/insurance implications?

    doug on
  46. Hi,
    I received a traffic ticket 1225D for putting my phone in my bag while sitting at the light. I just finished a conversation through my cars bluetooth.The officer says I was holding it but I was not.

    Alice on
  47. Hi Adam
    I got a cell phone ticket in queens on Oct 22 it just posted 6 days ago…. my plan was to defer the court as long as possible so if I do get the points it won’t stay on my acount for long and show up to court myself to fight it….. am I doing an thing wrong and is there anything I should know?

    Ezzi on
  48. Hi Adam, I received a ticket for VTL 1225c2a, operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile phone. I explained to the officer that although my hand was up to my face, my phone was in the center console charging(which is the honest truth). I hadn’t been on my phone since 6am and received the ticket at 11:46am. I pleaded not guilty and had a court date a few days ago where I sat with the prosecutor. I explained the same to her and was also willing to provide my phone records which clearly show that no calls were made at the time of the ticket. She proceeded to tell me that phone records aren’t usually accepted as I could’ve been texting at the time or using the phone for emailing, etc… I made her aware that texting, etc… Falls under section, VTL 1225d, which she denied being true. I’m awaiting a letter for a trial date and am wondering what my options are. Any help or information would be of great help. Thank you in advance.

    Paulo T. on
  49. I got a ticket from a police officer in ny..he was assuming I was using a portable device. .in the ticket he didn’t put the Vtl1225d code ..can I fight that ticket?

    Yonel on
  50. I was stop by a police officer who said that He saw me using a electronic device while in motion. I was using my hand free technology on my car which connects to my cell phone every time I get in into the car. I did not have the cell phone on my hand. I was using the cell ( Hands Free) 7 minutes before he stop me. The phone was on my compartment. He Also gave me a ticket for fail to signal and I told him that the signal was on. He then said I had them on but I put them late.
    I need to know if the cell phone ticket can be negotiable (pay the fee and avoid points) or can be win in this case.The case is already scheduled for a hearing. I am from Bronx, NY. Thank you in advance.

    David on
    • David – If this case is being held in the traffic violations bureau, then there is no way to negotiate a plea, as this is a trial only court. While challenging, it is possible to win your case through using the proper legal arguments.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  51. Hello Mr. Rosenblum,

    I received a 1225C2A ticket yesterday, for driving while holding the phone to my right ear, just after I had crossed into NY from MA.

    The ticket was issued from the Bedford Town Court, 321 Bedford Rd., Bedford Hills. Because this is out of NYC, is there a chance I could get a plea deal?

    This is my first ever offense. I otherwise have a clear driving record. I am out-of-state, with an MA license. I am worried this will increase my out of state insurance.

    Should I plead guilty or not guilty on the mail in form? is there any chance of lowering the points/fine from this? thank you for your help.

    Sylvia Ryerson on
    • Sylvia – it is possible to fight this ticket and obtain a reduction, as you have suggested. If you have any questions as to the type of reduction you should be seeking, you may contact us at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  52. Hello!

    I received a ticket 1225D(1) and the officer said it would only be 1 point. It says operating a vehicle with cell phone in right hand.

    However, all the research I have done says 1225d is 5 points. Does the 1 next to the D mean the officer could make it only 1 point?

    Phillip Salem on
      • Hi I just received a ticket for having my gps In my hand setting it up. It wasn’t my phone gps but the actual gps. The officer told me the ticket would be $50 with no points. I paid it via mail because the 15 days were almost up. I just received a letter that the 50 did not cover the additional $88 surcharge which now everything was $138. When I went online to pay the $88 it shows the ticket was 5 points! Is this the case, even for a gps its 5 points????

        Melissa on
        • Improper use of an electronic portable device, the ticket you are being charged with, is not reserved exclusively for cell phones. The officer was incorrect in the information they had given you. We might be able to help you fight this ticket, even though a guilty plea has already been entered. You may contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

          Adam Rosenblum on
  53. This may be too late but I got a ticket for cellphone use when I wasn’t using my phone. I have my phone bill to prove that I made or received no calls or texts. I had it in my hand because it fell from the phone holder on the dash and cop in back of the squad car claims he saw me with it in my hand. I went to trial with all of my proofs and equipment but still got charged. The $138 “reduced fine” doesn’t bother me as much as the 5 points. Is there anything I can do at this point? Oh and I am a NJ resident and I was driving in NYC.

    Nadine roper on
  54. Hi, I received a ticket, however, I wasn’t in motion, my car was stopped at an intersection and I was ending the call. However, the officer gave me a ticket. Could I fight this is anyway?

    Morgan on
    • Hi Morgan, from the information you have provided we understand you have received a cell phone ticket. This is a 5 point ticket and a fine of up to $150. Your insurance will increase by 20 to 25 percent as well for the next 3 to 5 years. We suggest pleading not guilty to ticket. If you would like further information about fighting the ticket, please contact our office for your free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  55. Hello,
    I recieved 1225c2a ticket yesterday “imp use of cell (right hand speaker)” the phone was on speaker on dashboard in phone holder. While i stopped at a red light i decided to plug the phone on charge since i was running low on battery then put the phone back to phone holder on dash again. Police officer saw the whole thing still gave me a ticket? He approached to me on foot told me to pull over. I understand that this is a 5 point ticket. What are my options?

    Tommy on
    • Hello Tommy, as you mentioned a cell phone ticket is 5 points on your license. This includes a maximum fine court of $150. Your insurance will increase by 20 to 25 percent for the next 3 to 5 years. Our suggestion is pleading not guilty to this ticket. If you would like to find out more information about having your ticket disputed and reduce you can contact us for a free consultation. You can reach us at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  56. Hello,

    I received a cell phone ticket (1225D1) on 2/4/16 in NYC. I was stopped in traffic and glanced at my phone, when the officer walked over to my vehicle, and issued me the violation. Is it possible to plea bargain? If not, pleading not guilty may just end up costing me the same points and a higher fine. What are my options?

    Frank Martinez on
    • Hello Frank, right now you are currently facing a 5 point ticket and a maximum fine of up to $138. Your insurance will face a substantial climb in the rates you pay for the next 3 to 5 years. Our suggestion is pleading not guilty. If you are interested in finding out how your ticket could be reduced please contact our office for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  57. I received a ticket for “use of an electronic device while in motion” or “Operating a motor vehicle with a portable electronic device” in NYC, but I have an Ohio drivers license. Will points still appear on my license?

    Madison on
    • Hello Madison, you are currently looking at a 5 point ticket and a maximum fine of $138. Your insurance will increase 20 to 25 percent for 3 to 5 years. The point do transfer to your Ohio license. We suggest pleading not guilty. If you would like more information about getting your ticket reduced, please contact us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  58. I got a cell phone ticket while driving and I was not talking on the phone or texting. I only picked up the phone to press the home button and check the time. I still got the ticket and it says 1225-01. Can I fight this? I already have two other cell phone tickets. The other was for the same reason just pressing home button to check time. Is there a way I can get no points? I am so upset. I wasn’t using it. How should I plead?

    Wendy on
    • Hello Wendy, unfortunately the information you have provided is not enough to have this ticket dismissed. For each cell phone ticket is 5 points and a maximum court fine of $138. If found guilty on all these tickets your license will be suspended. We suggest pleading not guilty to all of them. Please contact our office for a free consultation to find out how you can have your ticket reduced to the minimum penalties. We can be reached at 888-883-5529.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  59. I am a New Jersey resident (NJ driver’s license) and was on my cell phone, holding it with the speaker on, while driving in Manhattan. Are there points for this?

    Cheryl on

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