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New York City Launches Pedestrian Safety Plan

by Adam Rosenblum on February 20, 2015 in NYC

The NY Daily News recently reported on a new plan to be instituted by the New York City Department of Transportation. This program would help address an alarming statistic – half of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries occur on only 11% of the roadways.  As a primary purpose of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program […]

US Spying on Millions of Drivers

by Adam Rosenblum on January 29, 2015 in news

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the US government has been using license plate scanning technology to track millions of drivers on US roadways. This has raised major concerns with privacy advocates. The national vehicle database program was established by the DEA in 2008 to “assist with locating, identifying, and seizing bulk currency, guns, […]

New Report Shows Bad Roads Cost NJ Drivers $2000 Per Year

by Adam Rosenblum on January 27, 2015 in New Jersey

According to a report released last Thursday, damaged road conditions in NJ are costing the state a whopping $11.8 billion annually, leaving the average driver to shell out about $2000 per year for the cost of their own auto repairs, wasted fuel, and lost time. The report comes from TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research […]