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Geico Contributes $1.3 Million to Combat Distracted Driving

by Adam Rosenblum on September 27, 2016 in news

Geico is partnering with New York to sponsor the state’s 52 Text Stops. The insurance giant will spend $1.3 million to continue rebranding highway rest stops in an effort to combat distracted driving. The goal of the Text Stop program, which started three years ago, is to encourage drivers to pull over at designated points […]

6 Common Car Seat Mistakes

by Adam Rosenblum on September 23, 2016 in news

This week is Child Passenger Safety Week and the NHTSA is focusing on how important it is for every child under the age of 16 to be properly restrained. New York State law requires children to use a booster or car seat appropriate for their height, weight, and age. A seat belt violation can result […]

How Not to Fight a Parking Ticket: A Bad Eggs-ample

by Adam Rosenblum on September 19, 2016 in news

An irate Brooklyn resident came up with a hard-boiled solution for fighting parking tickets: tossing eggs. According to the NY Daily News, David Prisco, 36, spotted traffic agents ticketing his illegally parked Lexus on Broadway in Williamsburg. Immediately, he hatched a plan. Prisco scrambled to find some raw eggs, which he then began hurling at […]