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Western New York Heavy in Traffic Tickets and Speed Traps

by Adam Rosenblum on October 30, 2014 in New-York-traffic-tickets

Ever wonder why Western New York seems to be issuing more traffic tickets than most other parts of the state? You probably thought it was a coincidence or that you happen to drive there more often than in other parts. However, the truth is more speed traps are being set up in Western New York […]

New York City Set to Lower Speed Limits on November 7th

by Adam Rosenblum on October 23, 2014 in NYC,TVB

New York City is sending a clear message to motorists on its streets:  SLOW DOWN! Starting on November 7, vehicles traveling on most NYC streets will be restricted to a 25mph speed, a five-mile reduction from the current default limit of 30.  The new lower limit will apply on all city streets with no posted […]

New Radar Detects Texting While Driving

by Adam Rosenblum on October 13, 2014 in Cell Phone,New-York-traffic-tickets

Police radar guns are used to detect speeding, but what if they could also sniff out texters? A Virginia company is developing a radar gun that would do precisely that. According to Malcolm McIntyre of ComSonics, the technology works by picking up on the radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is […]